Phone Scam: You Didn't Specify Which Holiday

Wednesday, November 30th


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He's running Dennis Don. It's yeah. Did you change and shell installing any forward line. It is a phone scam time I'm at the jet engines and today's recipients. If a woman named daisy. Are her boss Brad actually think in all the details thieves use fairly new to her job. Brad sits near her at work in his murder over the past several weeks. Working tirelessly. On the holiday party. Her first big project this new company and Europe and that's explaining. As you'll hear. In this call. When she filled out the paperwork she didn't specify. What holiday. She just booked the room for a a colony park. Though keep Iran. Can't go wrong. Didn't ED UK daisy how are you. I need. You old guy to answer Robert with Parker ten events and we're doing all the de corps for your big party on Friday evening. Local I try to give you a heads up and two quick things. Line. We did run out eight person tables so two of the tables will actually be ten person tables will only sacked him for eight. Not that weren't very good at that I edit it and then the other thing just a heads up holiday that we wet it is fourth of July. Please leaving hardy the Latin. The holiday. Party. Theme that we wet wave is fourth of July. In what the after the holiday party theme that we went away is fourth of July. Why do you mean holiday party he meant the holiday is. He liked the winter holiday Christmas Chanukah like many fourth of July and it and her. Match. That form they use sand and sit tight law type of party and you Rhode holiday. Yet because technicolor decrepit party because we have people with other Honecker Accra to each other eagle eyed the holiday. The holidays you add in you know December and could lead and they did that for you but why well. I mean. And. We poll and but yeah I like. How would you want to look pretty articulate why I would hope for the July party each Indy. We yeah. We just thought you wanted a holiday themed party. Yeah in the hot seat he party didn't get current time now and equipment Lleyton is why it. A fourth of July party. Okay all right got it all right well I know now for the future. That if you vote a party in December. And you write holiday you're looking at December issue holidays. I think teachers union when my event did two years and it to the holiday I think Christmas and Chanukah and light light and not hot fourth of July and fireworks and flag that they act meaning of the event coming up now rates. While in this event is that's that's already active and you. Know. The onion and an Internet and on and. Puppy that none if you attorney and eat litany Andre it's my heart this day our American flag over the place and not. Beautiful Christmas kitten and and you know but I don't think I'm gonna do it. I just started job that you might burn bigot I mean it yeah I didn't help it's quite and in. What's the issue without that American flags and. What do you mean what he teach you why not couldn't anybody but when you meet me at all. Okay listen let's reel it in a can make injured getting a little wound up. You get you keep. Do you support the right party so. It's this season inferred joy in giving and gratitude and love. So you've got to dial it back okay can you get really upset or something it's not that big of a deal. And they're always good time to celebrate America. My coworker Monday morning and he got there in a holiday decoration or red alert. How hold on hold on hold while the easy. There are holiday decorations. A lot of food and every. Important do you make sure. Oh my gosh. I I think we can mystery well and I think it is not not blonde and hot dog and partnered. You're starting at me. True. And you did it correctly and how. How would you can record eighteen it says right here are the party holiday. Yeah holidays already in the under is fourth of July holiday. Hold on a minute okay let me see what I can. You hold on. To our military I'm a bureaucrat can hold on. Oh. You can email. Days. Yeah good news. 8 I guess they like got a very while not quite what I can do Halloween which is closer old new December. Not me. Amity. I'm new imperial didn't think the joke how many are you you're gonna put other than the old. Instead of holiday Christmas and Chanukah decorations and I'm hearing great. And Jack the letter. There are. I do not want to celebrate. Troubles me. Q did. We're gonna do is listen to me before you get I'll heated we're gonna do this for 10% discount. 880. Oh. Apology or Brad credit card information. And read your ball and senator. Stop. Commoner reach out to Brad and I'm gonna let him know that you would I stocks. And know that it always known that. Gonna talk to Brad in amateur talent. You and I spoke and that I was able to successfully phone scam you with the information that he gave meet this is jetBlue to jet engine channel. What this is not real this is a phone scam from your boss ran. In their DCE main party drinking and you know I. Oh I beg you really know how to put people but in the end it's South America only. Before long and thanks for waking up when Jeff and yeah.