It's A Big Day For Baby Reese

Monday, November 28th


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Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. To just enjoy and Shia on snow or no need for a long line. Jenn hobby is the youngest starter Reeves his surgery today to give them rested at. Mean nasty cancer at a little how anybody yeah certainly. Nerve wracking buy it. Jan is doing really well wanted to check in with her in just a few sessions. Jingle jam is less than a week away and. Pay Jain. Are you most excited about it jingle jam. Charlene ambassador. Every lead. Slowdown in the last. Now all of I think your own words so fast on your ego and and hearing they're running for front row tickets Don. Yeah I don't show all. Decided. Oh yeah you're very welcome. A general Jane and get your information and we will see you. Next Sunday at jingle jam ex ambassador. Charlie dude too. Train. James bay whoo yeah. Kelly she's seen in concert raised as a. So amazed is he's so and any super nice to have to mean American. Yet another chance to win at 11 o'clock this morning where they have their brain and your next chance to grab some jingle jam tickets. Jenn hobby on the stone hoops very much fault Jenn hobby on the phone and I again. Only know earlier early. Perhaps I do you have a big pat downs which allowed the by the trigger happy and I think I hit it it'll how you do and. I'm Kelly noted that and mix of emotion today. I definitely had a break now lots very rarely missed tackle here. It's too bad doctor. And it's the reality of what everything we're gonna go to commit to auction ever leery I had my bachelorette how did you cry. Early as your wonderful never tell you at colonial last night and has been great. But here and they were killed those surrounded by entrepreneur and been clear Maria and all the support at arch turn it well one thing you really. Aren't we we feel really lit it up and everybody's. Prayers and everybody productivity so. Which deal. I don't wrapped up in the blink of all these did survive the sense that really get and that mixed ramps. Just let fear and anxiety going into such a big territory. Now everybody. If if anybody's listening to the jet engine Chara for the very first time today in the middle of the summer jam their herds of the most awful words any parent would everyone here in the that is one of her kids in her case it's her youngest daughter. Reese had to amass. A cancerous mass from growing kind of near the base or spine and and that started. A whole new world world heard for Janet granted that hopefully. Today is the start of the last chapter of that yet because or learn as you put it earlier which I'd like. Or at the first chapter of the recovery look at the re that of this second book by. She's been through the little recent Janet and through four rounds of chemo is that right. We actually contemporary to to repair the issuing consumer. And it worked really loud so we got now. I never I and they're diagnosed such an August and then reached. I'm technically it can end sperm after her third round of chemo and it really it's worked its. Done its job and shrunk the tumor an election that he and now we have to go in and get. And how do you know physically how big it is this thing that they're removing. Markets today. I know when it started they that was near the guy Affleck arch injury. Not quite clear at all. But. In the turning your little one year old body issued ten month old at diagnosis and the and she torching liberal now. At that the pretty big. Great big tumor earned. There aren't typically in particular protect that two rail grown outside of the bodies that they recognize that a lot here that recent group completely internally. I'm going undetected for a wrong turn to the table that I'm pretty large and guys. So now. It's a question Jeff I haven't actually exactly what's compared to back term. Definitely a lot smaller than it was to be cured being recalled all that and think it's something. And in how will run. And and how Long Will the surgery today went is surgery certain how Long Will it take. Well armed they'll get trapped starting the morning wished him have anything to eat nurturing after midnight you can let go in that. I'm in Asia that don't work they're not taking their bodies so you can say ex com while they may have been you know put under action. And then to bill targeting its kept this morning and particularly in the at a Latin. That surgery starts sometimes between turn around in their ticket it'll go before her. And surgery and now. They start with a young guest concept at kitco fairly quickly then maybe we'll go a little bit sooner or into a movie a little bit of a moving target but the only stat. We got 11 o'clock term and then. We're not sure exactly how long it will take but they think maybe about four hours. How stretched Rick Sanchez earned. It's really going great here and your children we barely got the best surgeon in the world earned best neurosurgeons inning I. And aren't great team of doctors and nurses. All over the place and you really it's so amazing such an incredible. Well city that operate every single day here arm can we expect the entire blue period we can all come together here everybody turned back. The green grid today. The cafeteria folks you look on all of the medical staff they're just amazing amazing. Operations mainly they're both number and. Thanks for including the cafeteria folks because the pizza there's some point. Fast. I say OK I didn't feel that the that the critic. Also while you're there Jim Hall the surgeries happening. Is there a way for them say keep you updated or is it just kind of like. Waiting in great. Question we had that same question for the near Japan reaching here and I cannot thank you latched. Think here okay thank you so much so Turner's just sleeping on her ringers. It's so we got that thinking yesterday errant page says that that they will come out and update that's like Libby wants now are urged now. Or is there any is there anything to update our current bet they'll they'll actually Czech air monitor Hershey doing. That occur pretty long term Turkey XP. In surgery so they're gonna update out there won't let me ask you biting her nails the entire time. Well I I would property into throw subscribes out of stand in the corner of the room and just actually a bit. I have to be and a CD eve even the deep slim term makes me kind of queasy but so that the editors at the ominous they with the all right hit it I know this has. Updated. Yeah as I do I and I know this is like X ray easy Dave felt that the you know crazy anxiety Barrasso crazy excitement at what the other side of it so. Good luck dealing with hidden and hang in there and and I you know the law we think and have it did not. Too much and thank you so much doubt molesters are all your states that went into it and no wonder all ten. I'm we're just so appreciate and enjoy in Korea and repeatedly everybody blew away by other encouraged there at Aaron. All of the court everyone at the opera great definitely template that I your lap and current your prior to thank you so much. Awesome good luck today to keep us posted. I'm sure well and I you're welcome I didn't. There literary I'm trying to I'm try and pass this. We eight as the united. I we will keep you updated all they will make sure that the branch emirate Marino and Zack and every. Knows what's going on which and throughout the day decision listing the starter Andy for one all day long. You can stand today on canaries follow and you know title Reese's. Progress yeah. But. This is hopefully the first chapter of the recovery phase and neck cancer free phase. Of of recent all right so. We'll keep you updated and I was Jenna is on it. While in just a quick side note you think. Anybody going through chemotherapy error our on our journey with beating cancer. You don't really at. Think of all that happy in the good times because originally it was those 35 rounds that keep I but it works so well and her body reacted so well to it. That it was only four. And then if you really wanna see something that's so awesome gem has a video of on her and say Graham agrees. All walking mom over break and it is accused is got a little peek hearing aids and in sees as the walking around the strong little fighter. As it was the coolest little idea. You get a Jens instant Rampage at Jenn hobby and tea that picture and we can share and the stars FaceBook pages and metals grain. It's your drive and also drown out for. At all to hear all. While you're. On starry night before blind.