That's a REALLY Big Secret Part 2

Friday, November 18th


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Keeping you go and work due to so many. Five minutes away from it Disney cruise words from just. Kimberly and high round match as would be speaker. OK. If it was actually my secret my grandfather speaker. Oh my grandfather passed away in. 33 years ago. And about. When I was eighteen I'm very important. When I was eighteen. My uncle call my mom. And says it's okay I I was playing golf today. And this guy at the same last name is may that I am a pair of let content by now. It capped rather. So your grandfather. Had kids and another woman that you guys never knew about. Exactly. We had. Green buried children. I'm a previous relationship. That he never told anyone about. Level that is crazy that falls into the category of big secret. Three big secrets that Rebecca and Carter's veil. Yet hate my eager is the mainly secret also I found out after thirty years that my eight Egypt is actually Mike Harden. I. Seven needs all her mother went away for nine months when she was sixteen and we came back her mother had a baby. And my father I'm a person dedicating his father's name. The lady to junior seven none of it would be illegal and now it's the big pink elephant in the room that nobody talks about it Billy Holliday. But now that everybody's just out of curiosity now Letterman he's grown up in knows that why is it. A big deal just isn't scandal. Well I think it yeah and I think that she doesn't really like talking about it. Because I seem to mention that light your whole life. She battled and my grandmother drunk and instead so he doesn't have a play in any pain or why he did it thirty bullet. You know based in the past few calls you know I'm learning more of it really does a lot of good in the world them before in Italy yeah. Ferrari have my post racial marriages that I ate the it's not that I ever that. A rate. That exactly yeah. I'm pat downs say that it's possible and hey Sally looked into the jet engines now. Moral morning. Chat room not my secret but trips when he LA I was told that my pilot's mother was actually election. Oh my birthday was actually blew my name mama. Gee I know I hear all the national announcement to really understand what's going on laurel only you know it. You're sisters and nuclear biological. Well. Yeah so how old was she when she had via. Actually they're plural she had. She was commoners and dean says so yeah I said you know what that's close enough organizing sisters. So the woman hoping to raise you was really your grandmother she racy as are your Rahm. Yeah it declaration I. I'm sure he'll be on the matter what actually my grandmother. And you'd just found this out last week. No I just found out on the fifteenth. You can only speak. Parent not to take on the bench in the senate finally you're you're story is she really went away because she had immediately. Like okay well actually terrible at the heart for hiring as. My mother had a baby it can act if eighteen hole. You know it's like okay and makes cents. So your biological mom who everyone has said he was your sister in your family are you all close. We're close and should do and it cannot operate really at its initial encounter. I haven't talked church. She might just you're still early don't know how to look at where my biological mother. Is she know the you know. I don't know page editor in touch urged every don't know. I'm tired trying to get in touch a third or you're just not sure what to say China. Still yams. Back a lot to ask us. Yeah that's when you are. Light you well I guess being clever or at. Sure they were just trying to protect both of you and trying to do both meet in your both best interests so. Even though you've year old. You were denied the truth just know they were doing it because they love via. Yeah it's just it's Barack or. Well thank you for acting surgeon at. You. ET selling. That's going to be fascinating thanks. And says well my you'd pat. Some would suck. If somebody beat a great.