All The Feels: Veterans Day Edition

Friday, November 11th


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Thanks for being bombarded it. Yeah so I know people want. You heard the million. Mom feel hundred million. Did show don't. They veterans day edition all of it feels so we'll start out by saying. Thank you if you are person who has ever served this great country we appreciate you yes I think the matching all day today thank you for serving. And yeah we're highlighting veterans' stories today in all the feels there's lot of negativity in the world so we find good news stories to share with. I US navy veteran named Jack Connor. Is classified is 100%. Permanently and totally disabled he is seven year old man but he served and submarines. For about seven years. In the late sixties and there is an accident on the submarine that ended up. Breaking his back but he got involved. Few years ago dean I dog showing dogs. And he has himself a wider fox terrier if he shows in the agility class switches. Dogs willingness to view tasks and tricks and what so cool and he used a wheelchair. 22. It around before he started working with with the dog. But they eat some of the doubt he wanted to be able to train the dog and get more involved. The dog and he used his now. Training the dog on his own says he's wheelchair. Most times get around it and when he does it shows with and out and work out. Amazing. Bond between him and his animal must be so tight on Yasser is trained that dog you pull his wheelchair which. Re okay I found this a veteran story for you and veterans daughter got a folder full of memories back this starts when. A woman and her daughter bought a storage unit in Charlotte, North Carolina than have been auctioned off and they discovered this folder full of photos military awards and letters. In a trash can and they were in the memories of army private Ramon franks junior. And the women who found it was like OK somebody wants these mementos Rebecca knew how important was because her husband and been killed in action in Vietnam and she keeps an album. And of pictures of metals letters of him so. These women spent over a year tracing the folder back to Raymond francs juniors minimally. He passed away in 2007 his daughter Tammy was thrilled to get her father's memories back. And they met and cried as they looked through the mementos. Of Ramon franks and so here they are talking about. I remember I remember what I went through. For the nine years I was a single mom she started thumbing through it saying that it was a veteran. And she said then I remembered my dad this is something that belongs to somebody. As she made sure after a year of investigating to get it back you. And conference teams. Odd there's a story in Georgia that's very similar to that. A storage shed the way it went unpaid the bill for the storage unit went unpaid and a guy named James me day. Bought the contents at an auction. In eases and flowers attract a car wreck and he opened one of the suitcases that words stored in the unit and on a hole in two militaries in. And a uniform and a whole bunch of man. This guy James may expect 45 years in the National Guard. So he knew how important would be fine the artist that used social media post in the last name from the tag on the uniform. He was there was an army uniforms because that bit of information and shared it on face while it was shared 800 and if he well. And one of the guys whose job was named Jay McKee he was army reserve for six years it and two Afghans and he was awarded a bunch of medals. And he kept it in this storage company on hard times and couldn't pay the bill. They auctioned off all of his staff and James may made arrangements to meet with mr. Markey and return the suitcase and all of the contents. I knew it they are born that he's been overseas and you know if you work hard put this uniform so percent to open at the scene of that uniforms and medals I thought so my need to get this back on. Yeah. The good everywhere on the it's. That is out all the feels I'm at the definition of you might be. Part of that you know he's send us your story I've yet to good place to start a start I for one Atlanta dot com and that is our veterans day edition. All the fields it's. He's running get this done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Thanks for coming overlook knocks. Justin.