I'm Scared My Kid Might Be Smarter Than Me Part 2

Friday, November 11th


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I think it's. All over AT and did you change and shell on selling people line. Part of my I'm my thoughts were validated when we got an email from a listener rate after you told the story of Lauren. Where she said that. Heard it was party ray Leonard seminary Euro was writing letters to the governor and it is representatives in congress and she's like. I don't even know who they are and her daughter who was seven or eight for years it's that she was going into politics and she was going to run for office. And moms like who you're at a literature says. It's. Whitney in deep fuel of is legit scared of her kid is smarter than her. Harry and how Smart your. Daughter. Secretly seize eight. That. I think it's pretty. Little known about it. And we are into fashion shoot eight. Hand on. Our way you're gonna talk about an hour. I. It in the game and it it worked at. Nine years old she says she's gonna sacrifice yourself it's based ramble. Oh. I'm scared of that. At some point you almost two. If they ask yourself and providing at home that I'm traveling that well the ms. better Whitney what what's your daughter's name. It in for president. All. Credible basis ecology. Hey Melissa you're scared your kids can be smarter than him. In Asia yeah. Fourteen. Two years a sure indication and numbers even do. You guys taker at sneaky. And she really high Sheen that I did com. And Hewlett-Packard. She wanted to be at UIP. Partner. And it went there I went in paramedic level and and she would publicly that night reading my mind medical. Users and how old. I don't. How she's going to be a pediatric heart surgeon and men and she with that and she's fourteen now and still that's her mission. Yeah I really any good following. People the people organization. And as a calling and look countless. A look at. I wow I wish I remembered enough about my childhood when I was doing. If for. Nine. Euro and arrows. Probably wondering what match but. I mean that's that's that's like that's what happens that in right. This is the extent of my science knowledge. At 950. And from my dad. If I kept digging the hole behind the garage. Band actually I would all in and and in China and that was that's it that's the extent of some of mine was holding magnifying glass you can burn leaves I had an angle of the scientists. Are Iowa. She's like I did my body for science and I'm like. Well. She talked. About. Tiger with a and you know out of it to put all alleged in there. I don't like salad. Everybody I'm gonna put. I don't capital. And there never in my gut it can eliminate in it Nike shoe box with a lead for letting it. In a lot of tap water in a broad. If they get outside of well. I think Matt now. Are always trying to adjust date are hamster out from behind that trash couldn't actor. Science at the devotion. Why notre. Traveler amount of people out of because for whatever reason and in nine years old in my world every animal. The whole leaf of funny at all. Pillar. A whole cupid show bug. Sarah welcome Asia. I I rate. I don't know with the name of your daughter son. And apparently right about now achievement. To party thinking and well and in this manner are there any amendments include human old brewery in a similar. Planned to. Little old lady came locking out at her and you know you've been pretty on line and you're either. There right here and as an atom atom and I wouldn't going to. Oh. We do it alone that morning and we have been talking about. It in. The peninsula about it yeah. Okay here's a year and a half old using that word in a year and a half I didn't even know that in order to create a metamorphosis you had to put a caterpillar on a lethal if. I got bumped slightly into Malibu earlier might translate nationally. That it hit achieved its ultra. Guess what she's Smart you only homes until two and a half of that wouldn't got a good. That's what's fascinating of the people who are bigots hadn't Chrissie. Chris he had while minutia. Interest rates. I so I can I'm fascinated by. That thought it'd. Because of them per progression of science and everything I'm going to have big Google's doubt. It might it is learning he had gotten it or it's been invented since I was in school. And apnea. And either came home from oak. And that issue that batting point to let them. And I'd go to Eleanor okay. I he'd let the impact to explain anyone wasn't looking and I go oh yeah. They look even short it was the object that they I think they would be an aerial. I've ever heard of what is. Platelet them where you make a little jobs that pain. Any and Shea can make something and oppressed Eric Barton. And socialism can you take us into your mind precede the moment you realized it was a real thing. You were wrong and your eighth grader right eyed girls I only fighter. You don't you guys that can garner was right. One and I would never had a. Am. I am completely ignorant. She taught you about Pete Coleman. And she hit the carpet at a client she can't be happy the paper like Colby has hired. I can't really improve Omaha. That's fantastic thank you for that Honolulu refrigerator. So nice work. That is not on the home. Beautiful taking over the world aspect of control. Die ready for law and thanks for waking up when Jeff again.