I'm Scared My Kid Might Be Smarter Than Me Part 1

Friday, November 11th


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If you are driving me. It helps drown out track. And visual studio boss. Why you're. On starry night before blind. Candy can understand what we're talking about. And meanwhile while committed jet engine jam. And asking and my kid is extremely Smart and it's scary conflicts. And he took a liking to NAFTA is very very early on. And decorate them the upper screen that you are you trying to tackle multiplication and division. And when I was asked him he looked maps and match. You are talking about quantum data that the universe on our base. And that you can figure out what map. And the recruitment of science and that's what he wants it would it will. He's been on this earth 75 months and you start at about quantum physics. Ads and credible cameo I would be scared to death he. I'm scared and extremely proud and by the leader's hideout tight end. Hey what's his name. I Nicklaus remember us when you're not making fun of you we're just entering the race Marty we want to and it appears when you're going to I'll eat. Roughly it. Odds Melanie and if you want to call back our engineers name is Scott and the the you know he's he's an extra hand around here now that I think. If you shark he wants them. Boost the signal or whatever and if you do that 4047419400. If you story like that here's where it came from. And Jan you've got to start out by bragging on your oldest daughter. It started when I was signed Jeff off the air that I was really excited I agree and I both work. We got back the results of an executive function tests that they give three worlds of course she's right so. Three. When they you know. A BCD now to get that we Alter its executive function I believe. Is one. Determines your problem solving ability your ability to categorize information. Or to guys' information just a way that they can see your brain works when you're not on. And said he did exceptionally well so I was just about music. All white here's what my everybody thinks tickets but like sushi it's a test back in and what that. I teacher explained it is that the people who do well on this past. Throughout life goal line to be com. CEO type people like the Steve Jobs of the world you know yeah. He would not necessarily. Success in grades it's just life. Because they came. Many decisions quickly and solve problems so that she is I'm a track. You know age three and a half as much they can now do it seems like he's gonna do very well as areas urgently now. Right and cool man Hamels Steve Jobs I am. An. But then money thought that within seconds immediately went to. All right. If you have toddler who's that Smart and analytical. And and asked in well at eight. Wonders that. He can build. On their left. They can like get out there that are bedroom window using parish. At that time their sixth team can manipulate it GPS tracker of them are. Sure you over he is on him. And meanwhile. She's like you know. In Charles party ran after it happened and she's going to be smarter than you and she's in outsmarting us very quickly. And I legitimately got scared so I started to wonder is there any one. Listening to this year. Right now who race scared of their young age I you know like. That first Indy. It went into quantum physics must be in hardcore Mac she's not going to be able how with a homer and why these fixtures sold. I ninth grade he's going to be taking advanced placement math courses from MIT aimed rage Georgia Tech is gonna be re rooting him when he's. Sophomore she's going to be able to help moment act. She's going to be looking at like. The raids in and for economic tree out and being a man with too many syllables that fear that washes over me when watched in jeopardy. Let's show you at unlike. Oh laughed off. It's fear of their Smart artists. Link to Catholic and eating a whole pizza because those ads until. I threw money we wanna hear your stories for a 474. Line 94 on the question is. You legitimately. Smarter. Are legitimate legitimately scared. That your kid is smarter than you David welcome addition. Good morning. So much on the date on that goal com home. From school he's the other day and more. You may. I know now. In that all of you want to fool that it during and he Baghdad. You know you know the own a month. Yeah that's. Our vehicle but never call and though it might. I would. Paula. Notes so much and secondly I would like that look at the moment I'd. I recorded the video I made a little if you look you know open and it won't. And I we do it it it a little pomp and let me were are the most home. Throughout. Cause back when he's fifteen in these Natalie TD sneak out of Ohio but he disable your car before he laughed and you can come get many pat yourself on a nobody can call you to tell you that he had snot out of a yet balls back then that. Star in 941.