Jeannine's Interview with Ingrid Michaelson

Thursday, November 10th


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Starting. Line. So yesterday. Was very exciting day for our. Pretty surgeon the book slaying that aired a segment in one hour. We wanted to RT if you have banned or currently our personal assist as we want your story. We wanna know what you are rich or celebrity employer made you view. Is part of your job at a division aimed at those you for we want your phone calls one hour from. What you're. And where meet. It was thing. Yesterday big day for Purdue game. So to means this your first job in radio you're 23. Pointer your result. And and she knew her very first. Radio interview with the celebrity. It was fair and in person and sit down with some humans huge fan of yeah so I got that technical and it interview where anger Nicholson. Greatest person that. I don't know who and her medals and as yours Ingrid. It's how nervous were you. IA. I kind of heard about Dick Cheney about a week ago I didn't of that happening is definitely low level nerves like I might have to deal this I don't know if and I found out yesterday that it's actually gonna happen and I went home. A tiny natural got out the site. Listener albums three times and around. And while it practices just like a page full of notes and practices in the car right over and by then by the time I got there I'd have to look at it with ice. Buying IA listening back tells it how did you talk quietly but I. For the first two months they IG organizers say speak out. And microphone yeah media piling up when he. So so what is Ingrid Michaels saying that the mean. What's that what's the connection between you and. She she is her first album in 2007. And I was just getting a school then and now it's just getting into music. More than just being in banding course it was something that's personal hobby so she was one of the first artists that I would go home and look at the sheet music. And sit at a piano with a professional training and just learn the piano and learn her music and learn how to play piano while singing. And her one song was the first song I had ever sung in front of a family member and it's still one of the port there saying. Hands. So I guess is also like she's part of the reason why I ended up getting a degree in music and no cops yeah I am a history there he has Cecil and she's so that it is tapping into universal emotions and everything which is. I own part of a clip that I pulled from the interview and. I had so you can tell in her voice her talent as little. Dejected because com she herself was disheartened by the election. And she if you follow her on Twitter you I've found out pretty quickly after the election results were released. Not at front supporter. Bad enough. And come and we did talk about that that's not in this clip and all this is about around her music and its ability to connect emotionally. It's music music connects and fifteen. It was very personal. Then came to. He's here at home with the news yeah I mean it started writing these. It was sweet green 36. I've experienced many relationships. Watson another man AG. He's. So. Is great about this. I had. I think he just evolves I leave home with my life what it gives me and I write about so. These record is positive because his on his physical and I live streaming since everything you have a list. We have to make sense to me it's about trying to make sense that if they think they. The letter of the case it's okay thanks to tell yourself all right now right yeah. Hard to remember that marriage is hard to really grasp. Police. But I have a little it's the best thing. John didn't mean I. She's good she's such a kind person and even though she had a hard day and you could really talents is worried about whether or not to talk about it on stage as well. On the issue is still this very kind and very open and honest about everything. Well you. I'm thankful congratulations on your first interview and sorry it was somebody who was so important here. I'm sure that just and it's RD it's nerve racking anyways. Yet mounting knocking on CNN lightly up there for another flight. Gonna take a good decade before citizens. I think if you're a guy huge angered medals and then we can put that. A full interview on mine it aren't from come along with some pictures of genes. That one and done. I ran. Equipped with the honorees it is thanks Purdue and a and an entity I think if radio news. For tennis it's. Once before on.