Where Is This Relationship Going: Becca and Ellen Part 2

Thursday, November 10th


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And Lloyd Smith nor rocks and all over its yeah. Extra little early enough. Adjustments and Shia OnStar in 94 law and where is this relationship. Is the question that we are about to ask Helen on behalf of baca. They worked together and our via fax and Allen is actually Beck has boxed. That wants us to break the ice with her and ask the question. Where's this relationship going which is really translated into is she getting ready to. It's basically going to be a performance review on the radio. If you are ready to do this Mecca we can make the call to Allen and let that we're gonna put you on hold you'll be able to listen in. But obviously you will that be able to participate in the conversation. At all but you'd hear everything we say erratic. I'll send it. Ebitda and a nickel yet. You ready. A it. It. If but. Alan. Alan this is to and from the jet engines on sanity for you and and Dario I and he had. And get an ark on to ask you a question about. Your friend and coworker that. So back every time to us and was telling us all about your friendship and house seat. Who totally Lansing now at the news she would describe it is via that's on the that you're still her boss at work. And she's been wanting to ask you a question. That she's nervous asked questions. Because they're French so she called us during in this segment that we do on our radio show and you're familiar pattern but it's called where court. OK it's all where's this relationship going. I'm like anybody circuit and we usually do it for her romantic. Pray it most the time it's in romantic situations but. Beckett thought it would be kind of a cute way for us to call you and say where's this ship going. And on her behalf asked if you're happy with her work out work and if she'd be eligible. For. Tees. Okay well yeah. While. I think if she wants an employee evaluations should a country he'd better having it their over the air but I guess now. That I am I'm here to China during. Some of the things I have been thinking about respect match meaning that should not. The greatest let's face to face communication about the extraordinarily important for our company. Actually has seen a threat. At I play a lot of the Earl. And diet throughout my day and in my life and what I'm in that room outstrip Frost's eyes and just into it appears that I am box. You're at that sometimes she had a hard time distinguishing. Between the chair and I would not be at the plate that I am today if I work suggests the everybody's front they wouldn't hold. And make certain authority and the work I do barracks I think that she needs she would have a greater extent than being able to communicate stringing it. Like I had an orchestrates something. I am not extraordinarily. Unhappy with where we're ready to excellence. No do I think he would have debt. Needy in terms those needing approval and almost and the friendship level while we're at I think I think that there ultra rich. And that's something that I was actually going to bring up and actually if arranged and played evaluation we will do that is hitting the air I'll read that. While woods I. Why do you why do you wanna take you wanna just take a second and gather your thoughts before you answer. There yeah I guess I have been big your about it. Well it does sound like when you get into work mode you go and full work mode. But I wouldn't eat right and today I did it and I are model any court we have shortly kind of strange that status between itself that's when we're working together I expect her work. And you know that would. Really really really hard when you. Tired your friends or relatives or anyone that personal segregation and you watched there is always good skier that's something like this could happen where. There's and a great line I would say in terms of what is acceptable what is not turn the heat emerge and I think we're gonna meet actually trust without a bit more in our. Wow oh. OK yeah now so I ask you quickly on how. When you are gagging now outside the office do you feel like that's. Gray area do you should. Completely different situation and I just like worked on that scripture I'm really really try to lead out at that the opposite I like bacon which. What happened there just stayed there and I I don't we have a much easier relationship aren't outside enough. And beyond that I'm surprised that she doesn't bring ops saying that they are with more on where. Just in our own friendship kind of world record player eager are structure based. Well as you said at the beginning of her review if you have some difficulty with face to face communication skills. Yeah and that you know I report and look at that as time. Would you like to pass well I guess it's in great care. I'd like Turkey day that social had a job. And she's still my friend but she needs to get better at being able to you articulate her need. A guy will pass that message along maybe she can just email here. Yeah. I thank you Alan okay thank you. Can't take care. Of local we'll come back here and 383 minutes or so and won't found and lives will talked to Brooke. Right. Aka the topic but I really got Iran and the variance anyway. An area. I like air I will not act. I have been three and a half minutes right now it's the jet engine in the middle of where this relationship going. Ernie for one. She's running Dennis. All over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. Congestion.