Happy Birthday Jeff

Thursday, November 10th


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If you want. You know they show. If they're okay yeah and it doesn't want to make a mark that's from opposite end. I'm gonna say anything you know tight. We've developed this diet tradition here and they've been attention. Where. And everybody's birthday we have a song increase in people who dealer that's on me. Between. Then I thought of the united now I I feel on there. That he should. Because. Listen. You mean a couple months ago we are in the Monday morning wrap panel came in with the rock might argue. Wrap it was so good only produce. JP and it is is a man and it was. Over the and and I'm adamant on the rules. I want mean may. They. I'd brought that last week when it and it ended. A couple of hours a series of ever that you remember that because that's the last time that she's. Normally we see Geneva in and out of the and hang in Mountain View. And whatever she has been locked in production studio. Net like I've for the whole month for that to rates and and feel bad so I don't think I want it and yeah. They don't hate it. And that and that's impressive for. Mix of mine like warriors of college in music recording it. Maybe three of them I could listen and you willfully. JP said yesterday we re launch into it he said. Here's the deal are we had a version of the sun was done that was great and I've I've Sheen whatever Bengie came in the next games that. I've made some tweaks here. I'm Heidi and producer Aaron after a big deal rapper you just don't go home right you go home and you don't sleep he make a little tinkering yeah anchoring it. I kind need. And produce. Even won a regular Prius actually as far as like post production. Now. Her her fax us. Barack so I I wanna save before even hearing. I'm gonna tell you this is the greatest lawyer and I use my attempts Ari. I really need to be better asking people with really bad heated fevers for. And and and is that dictating and maybe not thinking that like. A 100% the sweetest. On now while I was you know the only game yeah. Now Lambert isn't. Now I kinda now. It's an item once you. I I was so without further does that mean you throw Ernie. It has its own engine aren't aren't. OKP's. High cards at enjoyed a table immediately back into the mine average age of dollar. I. And I'm more days regains his daddy's money markets have. You're here home. Hide in grundy iced latte with only Milton was a sugar maven Ellen too close of regular Manila an extra shot of espresso. Getting this danger win the. Eight need. You know. C show I'm. Okay. Under the end and then they all you can be. As good a little. I mean this is new OK. I mean yeah. Eagle birthday bash. Oh my god we know it's your birthday jazz. Is burned day and every one. Okay. Why are you Talking Heads. Days like a long it was so. Grammy Awards air and hey I'm submitting hand yeah. Rod Altima hi man by the old yeah I should thank you so much all of your. A year your name's not Geneen Jane now. And her name is Jean nine and you take in making on the next club. I'm just along for the ride. I ain't I mean I can be. Mine and how I access to. And the back come out. Thank you Judy bouts of color and it's not for the rest of you could there will be no better gift that made him back on a few Broxton you get to bring birthdays that's my gift my. Thanks for making this list of suggestions. On stone not before one.