We See You Trollin 11.07.16

Monday, November 7th


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So are not before one PC each okay. You hate hey Karl FaceBook trying to pull the next week. Nobody tied she's. So boots on FaceBook trying to host a nasty cat yeah I think I've got a book that. Nasty cap on the. As this where Jen. Well make we make fun of all there and trolls that are out there those negative stuff on an otherwise positive stories sort of non opinion stories. And they populated the very top because once you pose a trolling negative comment all kinds of replies have been expecting that the popular comments at. Pushed it right it's obviously haven't as he sees. Story. Which is terror granny it's terrible cap. I kind of put on you hit a bad thing. I look at Angel. I ever gonna start with you that hit close harmony and play along as you is viewed as you listen. I guess their goal listed it's the gas the top negative comment I'm the only one who is seeing the top negative comment here in. The room. That you can play along and see how close you can get first two stories and I had a little close. And number one. This might be the best wedding video you ever say man surprises bride and wedding day with poppy ambush. Weddings and parties who can find something negative about that it's here joy rock eight. Oh a woman gets dressed like a princess and hold up upbeat let's find something negative let's start JP 81. Might. Favored dressed colors white yellow. I. Nice is it all those women to come those puppies and by the way heard that when I heard that one. I got one out. Man he viewed it as. Those pull our puppies their victim that you Elena beef fifteen minutes painting and Steve. In particular that like but their traumatize an awful they're too young to be held where. Where is peeling you need them and accept that fact that. You. It would've been I. The first comments to win on one of the sites they've been branded media. Was ridiculous puppies are not props respect the high fifth. Giving them love and attention really sucks right. I write things and highlighting an amazing pounding out Andrea raising money for the rescue shelter. And this is something that we talked about in the and they show last week and I wanted to continue the conversation I just wrote this I am my own face wrote. I heard that Starbucks were reached as well quit the order sticker over the logo on the cop if they think you're being into a customer the same question that we talked about it on the show last week. I'd posts and I MySpace page. Thank you said is anybody else for that any Starbucks employees which lately and in the first comment. At the earth at that when the roads in the it is. Negative this isn't even like there's even room to be negative and and it's just a little truer all's game. And he guesses China yeah we every start I've done it Dunkin' Donuts I putted well. Let me start as liberal yeah. Could pose any complaint popular and hard. You have one job. Yeah. An Obama event and on. And off now but if they can't pay. Have a completely being petty or the millennial for actually heating the fact it's ruining their instant picture. As the conversation it and I and that's why did you try to ruin your being a street did it but it it. Over your heat and but. On the first comment is personally I refuse to pay four dollars for a cup of coffee comes from a crappy chain. I support local coffee shop him better copy. Better atmosphere. That you guys see this story about the guy or indicate that's the anonymous are ahead awesome a great story right ahead Tyson says this dude. It was at a college campus and in Iowa campus speakers back to his car there's a note in his cards that quote soft candy in your cup holder. I love K cats I checked into our it was on line and it now take anything other than that I'm sorry but I am very. And left a note that the games kick that left and the guy took a picture of the note it posts and it goes viral. And it can respond. Of this story. Opposes. The new red kick had stolen from our minds is vehicle filled with 6500. Replacement nick at. Basically what they counted as they waited came into class they tell us news and build this are. I. The great. Great story. And Allen and the continuation of the gag indicate cancer that's everybody went. In my eyes. He lives in Oklahoma and my guess and can't. Find the net. Notre go troll. That's bad diabetes all back. Yeah. Chemicals will never make you hopeful. Yeah. Bradford got the sound effects Burke from various Ayers and ended a hash tag dot abuse. And. Idea of what he's really he's time imagining the F one so he can't just admitted that they've broken this woman's car has tag illegal. Yeah. It's. I don't work there. Britney a piece of that bailout money yeah. All right this is the effort stroke comment. How generous let's give this kid thousands of Kate camp fires while the person on a hundred person take a look at the first place is still hungry. When will corporations are used in their damn heads this is their chance to show how I'm salvage and giving make it really be especially during the holidays but instead. Being made this case. He acts and. Well I. And just. And less is be totally honest it means and mean or walking through a parking lot and we wanted to do something funny like that this person probably isn't starving. They're probably just hilarious to me that this would be really funny I mean come on LeBron guarding Kelley can they eat chocolate into an empty calories you'll never make you feel and tell I like this is what's on America plastic things of how. There's so many good ones that. An arrest how many veterans are OK some react to the second round of the one more now on what I've. You may have seen this story last week commands three year old daughter was gonna go trick or treating. But for some reason they had to be on a flight that evening a Halloween it cross country like bad. He eats candy gives all the other passengers on the flight with a note that my daughter in the middle of this by. Up in Downey out for treating you a Europe with them in oath Ike is the kid doesn't know that they weren Andy came from right so. So you bright and outputs a little bag you with few pieces and he gives every passengers and woman takes picture of the notes posted and so for me and says this Baghdad at the year. And so the article was unfazed. Says I bass is dad ever. Helps daughters and Halloween trick or treating 30000 feet in the air and enlist the help of passengers were all so. Linked to the article AP when he and yeah. Know circuitry here's an airplane peanuts worst Halloween ever. And if I got cookies. I mean how how. Notre country although I was injured Zardari didn't anybody act I got on display on Halloween so wouldn't have to deal with this. And now I'm stuck in a chair can't even keep my Porsche. At half and I act act. That everybody the flight was allergic to all those things you tell him to the passengers here. Yeah. That hash tag allergies hashed eglin pre. He had Matt actually grinch. Case. I think it was on the my oh great I'm stuck on this airplane thousands of being here and you just get your five year old like it either Kansas City. It's. I here's the one and one cool enough story why it is that need those five minutes of fame idiots didn't constantly. Arrived for outside approval. Our kids would look up to us instead of looking up you're the card actually in. Yeah. I know. It was terrible. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.