Cubs Win The World Series

Thursday, November 3rd


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Bloody Monday and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search saw in 941 Atlanta. It's. It is yeah. Not a good. Wow I. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Okay. And yeah. Okay. And. After wonder why we over the past couple days been paying so much attention. For recoveries. Wind up day and that's live in Ohio. I have been America's team I know that the Braves ran for magma TBS days and aren't quite. They've not whine a national championship the World Series if not then the she ambiance. Aim it a hundred many years. And it's it's the lack become the lovable losers it's laughable. What did the they're waiting followed partner. I mean they are America's team is bad weather and became my thing and I told my husband Alec about American with a half decades have. Now and then the other. Isn't that where there are so invested as he is we have watched JP who is the director of the jet engine who is from Chicago. We have watched him try to remain. Excited but not optimistic. For the past few weeks and last night it all came to a and. It was more about it was more than just baseball it was life. And I dig deep and guys I tell us about it I tell us why. People from Chicago and cubs fans. Are so connected. That wins and losses this week is the cubs winning the World Series that idea. Is something that is said to be impossible on Herat no matter how good the cubs are on paper a final way to blow. Weather's 194519692003. When they're five about the way of getting to the World Series. It's something to say it'd be impossible so I think a lot of cub fans. How to apply that to their lives in last night was the biggest roller coaster you can never go on cubs gods so a 10 lead. And then they make about three errors after a 63 and then the game's tied and everybody gets nervous and those negative thoughts in the back here and it. And you you look around and you see that nervousness because you've been down this road every single time. Every single time in your area everybody makes fun of the Braves. You have the Atlanta Braves ace baseball team is there they're all apartment you know they. Years get a great right well they all are a mansion that. For a century. That's a bit of star so. There are up 63 and then an eight. Switch for a pitcher come in and he's normally automatic form and he gives up three runs in the sixth to sixth in you're going. On this. This is happening you know we had a 63 lead in the bottom of the eighth Bristol is that it be on the face but I mean. And in the back of my head I'm going if this collapses in on is the climb is I don't know I'm gonna do. So then. The top of the ninth comes and becomes old school when he runs he goes the bottom of the ninth all negative thoughts on nervous cub fans at black bear tavern. And the Cleveland Indians hit our rock. It goes about by about IE when that ball is in the air I thought it was over body. Absolutely over walk off home run Cleveland wins. 827 when did the rain rides away so it happened after the bottom of the night after about public cubs got the third out. In the rain came down even got a crime. I was like outcome I doubt it is too much drama we take time out and ascent of the great. And then we we found is that there in regroup and then all of a sudden the cubs go two rounds. And you go it can happen it's gonna happen in Cleveland scored one more run it'd be within a run of giving back even. And then the ground blog at it in use the 108. Years. Of lose and you like. Oh. There's people that have passed. Are in shock. Outside Wrigley Field. Those. These people that have. These eight from negative stuff in invested in sports. And that's what's so beautiful about it because I wanted so bad for my dad. I wanted so bad for all these people that. Have this faith in this team can't win in what enabled them when it's impossible dislike like people will tell you would possibly. Dreams of Britain's trident. Do this in Italy and it better to be a professional wrestler or if jordin the circuits like you waking up this morning after celebrating their cubs win until 3 AM and still being here by five that we all thought that was impossible. Though this summit on the cubs winning the World Series is like life in overcoming obstacles and adversity and negative thoughts negative comments. And still having faith in your team. Even though if you win all of a sudden that blogs on the first base near like the cubs of the World Series championships the essence of the impossible I'm witnessing history. Oh my gosh. And then. They can do it you can do it yet as. That's totally what are they they can't. You've got to go to our let's start any trophies are paid to watch the video from. Last night it's long but if you fast forward to about thirty minutes game there's a couple of days of the month the last one. And you go to about thirty minutes and you can actually seize the moment where in. JP and everybody that our wins they realize the cubs yeah it. And there's. There is like two seconds of bet that right. Of disbelief a sudden something happens to them that there's something wrong. And then it overcomes everything Coca guys and hugging each other go watch and then this is. He won his and this this is Eddie better who's the lead singer Pearl Jam Hughes got Chicago Chicago win yet. Yes and you said it's on the ninth or injured this non sums up the cubs story for all that Saturday. The magic of cheer for team when you love it and someday it will go all the way and that so. When. Long. It's just good. We'll long. You know. We go along with the booms. I know. Okay. We'll have some day was yesterday. Graduation now yeah. Yeah. Couples the championship and shelves Carnegie Hall all the.