Whoops, I fell Asleep While... Part 2

Wednesday, November 2nd


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Yeah she's gone and done and Johns creek and all over its yeah. Thanks for coming overload off the jet engine Shia OnStar in 94 line in. You're so right now in. We just waited and exiles in world. Swan and nobody gets costly. So finally sit still. On Sunday it cramps. Television show hello. Would go to red alert. Awake at. My house stick in my sister's school I had just graduated. And that state night drinking. And my mom woke me consider my sister was grounded that a particular school. And Eric Bruntlett got two months down the road and the busiest intersection. And also a sweet and I woke up my sister hitting me. And of course came home that day and she told Lamar. I. Wait wait we get mad max's. Right AI Delaware he's obviously. Call. Lecture hall that your come. And I hadn't I'd like Jerry you're I am today. Late in the day I would and it will certainly come but it agent in college in Alabama and I mostly in general are etched in I'm actually talk. Are now a non yeah. Do. Quite well everybody staring at it you're talking. I don't know what exactly. I want more. Let a little so badly is I. Thanks very conduct should. Go to college is now. Kind of story that started all of this was my buddy grew when added date with a girl matter on line. They had their audition day lunch coffee and then he. Got it Saturday in the winner while she was in the map and he callously. Right they snoring. Snoring and he says they went out afterwards well this story he said wise that she welcome out out afterwards. And then oddly went to a party. I'm for Halloween party until 1 in the morning and she went back to its way not only did he recover but it may guys' mind. Mean it was a perfect eight he's he's he's go art and you said it. That he was gonna brag about it yes he was bragging about these very problems now. Well we haven't heard from the woman in this transaction. And she is on the phone now. Jet engine and shadow. Of that jam. Hello hi who's this discordant and didn't score any act. I had a couple question three guys attacked. That's story you told. With a guy named by any chance Paul. You're talking about the story. The guy fell asleep and the date. Yes he's got a guy closely ROJ do you know him his name was pong yes. My name's Courtney I actually that girl that you're an outlet. OK that's fine. I'll sleep on yeah. So yeah you won't leave behind Maine in his defense and policy on you. These value in the middle of a conversation is I'm now you fell asleep when you yeah like on our date. And that's OK I'm so sorry yeah. Also yeah. And he and I'll sleep on me back to any unit breeding had it not Richard he responds snoring. Says yeah come out you come out of the bathroom and he sitting in the Booth. Like mouth opening. Like how loud snoring. Late on snoring around looking out her. So what did you guys do after dinner and then now. Some have. While he basically went to this deeper lame costumes no costume party. Me that's pretty. Pouring in Iraq by Karen. So you've worked out all night with him like he now. The UN to a party and left it. Attendant there Elaine I and then what about. I'm. What about you guys at bid to review. Spending the night together is that accurate. Now double. Now though isn't at all starring. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna has been an iris and their total sleep are gay now or he Leon back to his apartment complex. Libyan diet that my sister had an apartment they're here is now I'd certainly he would later take eaten and a delay in her apartment. On my Joseph tells news or who didn't like you she came home. Let's let's just let's let's just be guy talking girl now says the the the 22 version of his story is. You came over to his apartment. You guys hung out for a little while way to dinner where he dozed off but he recovered. You go to a party afterward. All night in and you come back in his apartment. That's his version. Your version news. You drove your car over thirty years sister's apartment because it was the same complex. Met him there he fell asleep at dinner. Took you to a lame parties and it and and you guys you shares and Hoover back to the apartment complex where you slapping completely separate buildings. I believe her story. So high. The language of guys vs Obama and it's amazing. Yeah. While banks use are you dream alive at a lot of dreams. It didn't come. So much crap I knew I was gonna on this story. And Ernie in. You guys going out again. So. Miss certain this is his response the game. I haven't decided yet. Well. Islamic injury name behind thank you card. I'd say they you have. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.