Phone Scam: Cousin Carter's Comin to Town

Wednesday, November 2nd


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Which is funny Douglas built in coming and all over eighteen yeah. Straight a little early enough. They just enjoy and shell on stuff you know people are low line. I Jenny it is your favorite time of the week Jeff's engine Joseph phones damn time impressions of when. You got hot fresh Atlanta. I am so here's the deal I it's insanity holiday season between Stanley's movie. Looking out for a holiday and get together. So it got a call from a woman who wants us to call her cousin. Because she is coming to stay with her cousin for the first time that tank and her cousin up in North Carolina his never met. Our listeners as. I am calling is the husband. OK just get everything set up our upcoming. A. They. They. Hello. I can I speak with the Anna please. Let this and CNN Deanna this is your cousin Carter how are you. I don't already know and I'm fantastic and I guess technically I am Europe. Who is inane long queues and I. Hey we're so excited. To. Finally meet you guys. That North Carolina O'Brien. And we we're excited to see you knew it and didn't legal contract they have not met it with. Rain veto where there are looking forward your visit. What are you guys do you first sports television programming. Well. We don't have cable anymore. Listen remember how we know what about Internet. I only have we totally why it will be inadequate people we do it adds I accountant. Writes that. Let me. Through food however we are restructuring. Led what you're gonna cook form means that. Well I'm not. We definitely thought we don't have a couple might get there and Ernie left turn around here we can check out. And you know will it work. And most of the time except per couple bait shop. The that you can't get runner and I cannot enter your belt you in here. Can I sing Europe are grocery list. I'm La. You can bring them outta here and like Neil patent that. You control and a welcome you any indication the worst view. Why even. Completely on the Hannity care right now. I know but I don't think I mean what it would do. Watch somebody going on vacation to bring their own fruit. But I would I would I would expect that you would be. Cooking for us. Well. Instead to snack on that we're gonna go out to eat dinner and what answer Asia hot water heater. I had no idea I. Gary warm shower. Will anybody using the bathroom that we're using besides Amy and I. I mean it. He didn't need and Michael. Probably we have our in the master bedroom. Do you have any pets. Yet his blood could get the two you know big black dot it is that your. Are you trying is is like a gain here playing called the worst vacation ever pop pop up not at all. There's been. He here. Coming to admit it and you're gonna need you guys for the first time I mean army knew that respect anyway. But we're but work Cummings there are. For our vacation. And you urge for reading guys like we're living in our own house. We didn't plan what you guys are gonna stay here it's not good for you. What are militant from hotel and I hate in me and couldn't get in that sprint car didn't write down announced that Lilly can't tell. For. Paying for it at it that sir that you're asking about about hating food prepared in dragging around. Usually at times you take care of them. And you're talking about 02. Thugs running around like we're on a farm. Is this. And I didn't care how I'll. Completely and right in the city there is no fire anywhere in. And you have black out shades in the bedroom. Do you have any sort of noise or sound maker to drown out the city sounds about owls of your mind. Good meeting. In May don't even hardly Bart let you know what I call. How often do you plan on laundering the bed linens. We and you have down. You know you have creamy or chunky peanut butter. Okay and you know I don't know what that mattered right now at all natural green light can extend my story. Are why I'm gonna send you my grocery list. Think that you're actually let a huge yelling at your cousin. You're telling me I know I think. We re here and be great now. I am not yeah Alina EU Carter and. Yeah. Dirk. You war. And not. Not at port at all I know never met words. Amy is crying. And crying. How would you didn't currently living in bringing her into it able no. And I Deanna. We're not coming. Amy doesn't wanna come. Back coming. I'm planning on Monday and now I didn't realize how awful would be. So cool. Prominently guy I gotta go take care Amy just one last thing this is (%expletive) from the Japanese and channel. And I you just been found scams actually by any means that. Wouldn't young kid and I'm Ingrid and then. I've got your North Carolina we're in an Atlanta. And Amy's when all this information is just a joke. Now my dad yeah yeah you're kidding me I would like no way the idea it out yeah. As they reduced to little farm animals. And. They're not bar and they're in their babies. Thanks for making this wedge. Today jet engines Yahoo! OnStar not before one and.