Abbys New Wedding Pictures

Monday, October 24th


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No one which. Keeping you go and work due to Sony and today. Yeah. Kelly she's I think about a month ago that we were talking in about weddings that Jeff and Kelly were preparing to get married and I like what could go wrong in the last thirty day we have the phones. And that's when we got a phone call from abbey a jet engines can listener. Who told us what could happen. Thirty days before the wedding was in thirty days for her for her it was the night before her wedding day this is Abbey's original called to the show about a month ago. Everything is perfect and tell the night before or when I was going to get my hair and the free wedding hair. Make sure you want to hear exactly how was supposed to be the next day. And hairdresser in blow dryer pentagon. Encore just locked become killings long study where. She think your dinner or higher within a hair dry air. A liar and she still charge you before they kill it. Alone mind. War and new killer powered radio and you have a line of lane wish you nothing to dry air air. The amount of care straightaway and you did get trapped her wedding and then upload and it gets. Plot for a long I had that long beautiful hair. What did you do. Did you just a weird sail on your stubs. He should basically I had premed while the hair and it was just long. Ugly. Like the I did not like to do more littered I should it have also shaved off and direct U verse or it was horrible. Absolutely. And dared horrible and give it about a break. Well. You. And on. Now. Will that mean can you believe cute and imagine if not sit well with me and they still charger that app that I couldn't. Matter. To me the most heartbreaking part is that she hated her wedding. Spot. I think his side favorite pictures in the world and we album in our house and love looking back through on on our anniversary and so I was like OK that is not right we gotta we gotta figure something council as Abby she hasn't been married seven years. And I called a different mind Spencer. And Anna and Spencer where our wedding photographers and they're here in Atlanta and I called him up on like Spencer did. Can you help this girl out and he was willing to Spencer joins us now they Spencer. Are you doing great so glad to have you on the show and thank you so much for being willing because as soon as I have and then Spencer was like. Because they are married couple they have a photography business and they're fantastic and called them like us the story they jump time right away and we have to redo her wedding thing. As as you said seven years of marriage cigar here back out long and its readiness exactly how she wanted to be. So says Spencer in an hour or right on board right way. Absolutely. Yeah we heard that story we are just on the bird tracking their attitude at that and then of course it. So you guys got in touch with Abby. And you set up a whole new wedding day photo shoot right. We did that sites per start talked happy and match or you know where it is there any paper plates that you have in mind you broached to you this year. And she says it like you let this one how little that an hour. And you decide I love you look there but I know it's probably not all ultimately it's about your car are. To have her back then they are super friendly and actually happy outlooks. Odd sound and that we were able to get to that she's there it's just amazing. And they were talking that actually looking equal expressions. And to territory to keep but let me make that catch you have to make them every loan act. I love it's wedding community came together. A big thing cyst on house and tell me and the florist that comes out. It's unique slower expressions. There where it that that respect yeah it is. That is that we look I mean literally he's very cool are right so let's get abbey on here with us you hate Abby. Okay so hot it got. There was. An amazing. Beautiful day vehicle. It was amazing. And so what are your husband think when he came zooming like honey do you want read Dele what do you say. Let me it does not like photos being taken. How she did not enter it I thought there. Ouch my clinging and hanging out. Well let onboard are back on a really fun to be out there again overeat either need to step telling how BS I wasn't. There than needed and it cost them. On us now. So I'm curious I'd retraining your wedding photos I know I'd be nervous if I sit back in my wedding gown and it looks like you did. Match Elena my original cast player excellent. The get a new one but yeah. And he got an easy borrow from our friend there would CDO I'm just curious. Yeah I would keep it actually denying mr. loaned me. My best friend lonely parents and indisputable letting that. Cool that is awesome while the photos are beautiful we're gonna share it with all the jet engines show concern any 41 listeners on FaceBook. Because we got some of Abbey's original wedding photos with her. Or burn off blow dryer explosion here. And then we meet at the wedding redo photos online as well so everybody can see that before and after an abbey I just had to say. That you and your husband are beautiful couple then and now. You know. Well thank you for Vienna. Be a part of it and doing and Spencer thank you guys again. Anybody needs a winning times in and Spencer are amazed seeing their sweet Mary Kabul on their so fun and easy to work with it in our wedding in. And did these we do now awaiting transfer for Abby and her husband was so thank you guys so much for coming on with us. Yeah it's. She I'll sell our.