All The Feels Wedding Special

Friday, October 21st


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Yeah engine shop and in Portland home is for the millions. Is Helen billion. Did show don't. Is not a negative in the world to right now with the election going on politics and everybody are. On FaceBook will try to battle that was a positive and encouraging news that we all those powers the Internet. Gather what we can and bring it to the table for all the fields gonna make you feel good today great opponents year weekends and just an acute and a really awesome mayor Edward do wedding style is celebrating Jeff and Cali all day today on the jet contention that married tomorrow. And we're super excited about it so this is one and I found B I cannot wait to share this is such a cool idea. And it's that not all brides wanna go bar hopping for the bachelorette party bride to be named Jessica Baldwin did not want that kind of typical celebration. She was not all about the bow was in going out and and drinking going crazy. She came up with a better party planned she 200 bachelorette party into a day of pampering for some women living in Pittsburgh women's shelter. This week is that she had the support for family and friends and some local businesses who got involved they donated services. And so their party included coffee at Starbucks here but haircuts and it's a line manicures lines shopping spree a photo shoot. And they ended the day it was a really nice dinner all together so. Jessica said I was in a tough place in my life afford I think we've all been there and I remember wishing for a minute to just pick me up and take me make me feel good. So she senate really wanted to help lift the spirits of some women who are in a difficult life situation treat them for the day and that was her bachelorette party. How cool is that tells me he's the millions. Feels millions. I pregnancies which yeah so. Actually I think even Janine found this and I love it so much to them such a daddy's girl but Canadian data fans east are. Suffered third degree burns and a welding accident five years ago doctors thought that he be bedridden and potentially never walk again our RV I'm certain we'll tell the rest of his life. But his daughter told him that she is getting married and he credits her her name is jewel. And she just really want and can be also walked on the aisle with her weather isn't a wheelchair or not just to be there to be president. So I he said that he really wanna make that happen for her he wasn't sure he could do any took two years exercising and preparing for the bigger man. And that the knights of the dance of the wedding. He says that we started lightly waltzing around in his daughter looked at him and said dad pick it up. So he twirled her and they had people crying and now he's going to be a motivational speaker. For other burn patients and his message is you got to believe in yourself that you can do things how. Man who knows how millions. Feels familiar and not. So don't. Everybody needs motivation information. Right to Maine to get. I I found it amazing so this to this couple Heather and Chris they just got married last weekend on the fifteenth in Illinois but this is about their engagement. He was a complete stranger who overheard in his office from her husband as she needed a liver transplant the conceit. Was ads each were delivered to ease and compliments. And he obviously I overhears this or any other here's a story from her cousin at his word and asks if he's a match out of nowhere just out of complete the entire room turns out he's a perfect match. And he transplanted 55% of his delivered to her and then they spent two weeks recovering together and theme icu. And this is her talking about meeting him and feeling the initiative. My hole and I had to come out and I received 55%. Curve. His getting through list influenced me through that and then gallery after we get our wanted to make it official are just there and you lose despite soft. I'm Brian may and after. Just. It only took the compliment when he got engaged and that's written to. Them. Selves we. I mean. Herd cats and then. On these billion. I got a lot more Florio wedding related all the feel story and this is about a fairy tale that really does exist an officer gave a homeless couple of three years of fairy tale wedding okay Evelyn Iraqi were homeless for three years. Before they were discovered living in tent in the woods. By a Floridians police officer and so marriage licenses in Florida costs almost a hundred dollars they'd been unable to arrange for an official waiting for years. And this officer was a sympathetic to the couple who was down on their luck and place them on a waiting list for permanent housing. Raised 20000 dollars for them don't have fans from all over the community. That's it for them their dream wedding complete with wedding photographer flowers lights rings video I mean the whole thing. And it all came from this officers here there are talking about their dream wedding. So there. A and we are gonna share their story on FaceBook and now all ills come. Is how brilliant. He knows how billion. Did show don't. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.