Jeff Presents Mouthguard Love Songs Part 2

Friday, October 21st


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Are making the switch to the justice shall start in April. We are in an intense round of mouth guard gloves off and Jeff let's let's just a little gift isn't here today to be getting married tomorrow but let's just little present to unwrap. And that is his son's performs with a dental. Mouth guard in and we are all kinds aghast at what love songs they are. And we have a guest participant in the game this round gets ready to compete against collier take care. She's gone from Atlanta are you ready to guess these songs with us. Okay the competitive lots he got a jump there once you hear the song if you unidentified shot your name okay. Attacks. Jake he's got another round for me that's right on the referee is the rest name is your buzz. There ago. It's if I I and then park land. Equity and a hot. Giving Hewitt in you know she she didn't answer. Okay at an event in Cuba and urged. Is it's he's left and wait they got actually forget the name on the top. I'm collier for the I'll let you. I am. Here captain and a and then deadly day and grab LA. Wicked but you've been hit a hard time. And I know he's got. And why we weren't that even the name of the funny there any evidence LA and you belong with me news. Or it. Is that bad that I want to buy about it and let it play. I got here JT we got Tom O again. Aren't comfortable out of Ali are you ready. And our names are deserts now. Me. I don't really really really what are yeah. All of me John Legend. We. Nall. View. They. Yeah an easy way to meet Ollie yeah jointly laid out urgent. Pentagon as the most are in jeopardy. His argued. Our. And yeah day. You and those who. He's been on yeah. Irony I. I explored checked you've got to do to him I suits and he went he got one irate call your mom now yeah. Hilarious I can't. You're gonna excellent. And the iron out. Yeah I hanging. Whereas your son and me. IA on. Higher. If you're not a and it's. Act I didn't. Me yeah. I don't think. Keith. Hi Lynn. Who flew up on news. They just said. To. He Hahnemann. Yeah. Yeah. And and I did and yeah. I'm. Not hiding. Anybody. Okay yeah. I think. Those are the styling. Is in the honey now out and hear Lindsay and I'm not done. EE I don't know I think it is an exact. We're all scratching their heads that roll. Into a fifth. I view it oh and. I mean ago in agony your movement one. I. Think afternoon. I view I. I. You will meet. Went and. I wish everyone could see as the moment JT's hitting real song we all thought Iraq. And turn our thinking at all. John collier okay one more we get along consumer organ and with a hard 110. And now. That's gonna be hard and then in the eighties. I'll be very impressive somebody get this opportunity and every. Ahead. And. It's and. And land owned me. Seeing. Him you know. I'm not live let it. And in blue it's. Carolina and in and then. Kelly got I had and I could hug it out yeah it's Whitney Houston I'll always love you do you yes. I give other collier though because she was RD singing in an and that's likely in my head I can leave here than Jeff Burton has. We have now. You used. Yeah. Then the and yeah yeah. He and yeah. I. He. New game millionaire. Thailand. Noon. And then gloom. And there. And in. And you. They don't like them I got all. Here. A few funny collier think he's a pleasure playing along with us I don't know it rises but regained its center. And giants at contention this morning right. But they say thank you hang on our eyes and travel back and integrate it with all. Feels it's good news stories ethernet pad in the world. Really it's an all appeals and sat on that next on dividends as a front. Net and that's. We're and then. Yeah. I'm I'm I'm.