Jeff Presents Moutguard Love Songs

Friday, October 21st


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to shell on starting he's formalizes. I write it is time to day. I'm tired. Love's mouth guard OJ thing and a host and here and we are gonna see who's the most competitive one of the three of us Kelly she's in studio with me. We got producer Geneen hang. Okay I'm pretty competitive when you and I think differently in different ways to go and I hope we yeah. To compete so look I think ladies let's bring you okay. And we got the millions and millions of people playing in their cars as well that's right that's right and a couple of rounds of this it's not a player. Along with jetlag just an incredible get. It is love songs that he arms while wearing a dense whole mouth guard you've heard see this passive that mouth are password. Well we're celebrating their way so this is lots. Are you ready okay so how it's images ring and with Arnie bring in with your name. Overnight Kelly I if that is your yeah. Yes that is. And JP the floor is yours you got yes yes packed. 321. Com. Okay. Kelly knew the manner. I look for in Japan. Right I mean you got to keep score I may. It. A day and. Okay song number two and then this one is a tough one I'll give you guys a hand it's an old the OK but getting. Known to the I guy. And. Hunger. I own. Saying the so. The Righteous Brothers argued that see it yet you yet. Yeah we'll aiming and it does every time. Yeah. Mean that it saw. I do like to me at night and it also sounds really determined as fast. About a mailman. I didn't yeah I noticed that I okay and it brings imagining. If it's OK here we go and number victory. As mumbled budget. Video and and I. In years. The. It. Anything's. Kelly and the what do you know it ended you're everything I amber Lyon man. Yeah and then. Isn't. And I want and I'm convinced the only time. Video and name yeah. Yeah. Telling me. Yeah cookbook with. Unity saying. Did he hit it. I I Hahn. And we've. Got. Oh yeah. And a classic Bette Midler I here him sitting there and it's. I'm going past this. Can make. That. My mom cries every few years and. We got time for one or two more. Out. In his telling the the first thing I mean. You know and Antoine. Not. I'm just waiting a lot suggested downs and it's time and I think. When you're just part. All right Matt our beloved son and I am that megs of insanity for one where you'll do the next round and you can tell us why if you want to tide against the sun's heat in. And as of December of 194 months. NC I'll still are far.