Ghosthunting Lindsey and Kelly Part 2

Wednesday, October 19th


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Arizona where NATO and you can. Now back to. Hunt stunning. For life call yesterday came in from Lindsay Lindsay wanted this to call a woman named Kelly Kelly dated Lindsey's brother Todd. They broke up. But Lindsay and Kelly had a connection so she goes did NORAD doing any hunting. We're just finding out if it's cool if we reunite them right and we just feeling awkward about having the conversation went Kelly. It's feels like a brother Todd has moved on and he's got into the relationship in an apple and now she need for a friend so we help. We will call Kelly now and Lindsay is listening and we get practice green reunited man here we just connected yeah if you're in school yet. We don't know why they broke calling Kelly. Hey Kelly a Kelly this is Jeff and tension and concern for one Jeff this year Q how you doing. Harry. Hey we are calling you on behalf of an old friend of yours Lindsay. She's the sister of one of axes. You ambulance right. Yeah well she loves you and and really what your French at that use our time together when you were dating her brother. And she said that since you guys Brooke she's been missing Yale and Lance have rekindle that French and and she said that she was that your what happened with the break up or YUN timer together but was hoping that. That she be able to reconnect with. So but she and getting all nervous about it so we're doing now we're concert ever. Yeah it this way of Todd is mad at her for reaching out to you. Because you like brokers harder something pain were the bad people and she's she blame us yet. War. It's weird because like. I don't like. You go out every gap and leg you know you sometimes friends like different in common different diet and public debt. Obviously me you know link these were. Hit that sir like of course that's besides she's gonna be kinda. Making. Well well I hope that before you. Finish that leg I don't think Lindsey's on any side that she wants to be friends review and change. Oh but that's not how about our people and don't know I don't know it lake early it's just it just kind of made it and done a little would be. I don't immediately needed a little awkward. Now again I don't know I don't know why did I feel weird about it now I Emmerich. It did that event and really got it right when we broke up. So you're bomb that she can reach tees sooner. I guess. Again they get Aaron agent would be weird it would be weird and and like it that are really kind of hard to. Only a hard break up and it's like it's your reminder of it and I mean I don't know about that in the future from minute field players the right now I don't now it's little it's a lot. So with the break out he did the breaking out. Yeah. So if you are still friends with Perry would like she'd pro is somehow talk about him married when asked questions about him. Yeah yeah IAEA yet I mean. You know I did I'd like it could stay blocked in mind it being rocket it would proceed but friend but I can't compete like he won. It's like work all right well now we're not cool. You know I mean and that and mental thing in dough weird. That are out. I'm trying to get over kinda like to line. It's a friendship with her we just kind of keep it president makes a whole lot of sense and I'm sorry we didn't think that first before calling off. Think of that power gap. We're really bad at relationships. I mean now it's okay. Might. Not like well you know. What you do is strictly academic is likely. To get back together and it died. You know him. I will hate you're welcome by the way for scrape in that window open I don't have to thank our. It's just our gifts TO because we love. Is there anything you want masses say to Lindsay. In regard to ages you're friendship with her. She got. You know she you know things that are currently at. Oh yeah I feel batter wish anything bad you know it's just play. Yeah no I mean there's no bad places like get back in terms of maybe you'd a year round despite. Saying. I doubt it's cool I thank you for the time. God creator and truly sorry about that we heard them so. I mean I. Thank you. And I will come back in just a minute game and he's reaction that was as of extremists on our part and hazard. In case you haven't heard it today and look down. And no one noticed the golf he's gone and hands it will cover you jumping ship show star and 841.