Love & Disorder: Meet Julie

Tuesday, October 18th


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Thanks for making this wedge. Indigestion changed now one star now before Weiner. Try something out on the show Jeanne. Very excited. I think. Science we got an email from. A listener through this year. And she wanted us to pose a question if she's at it. And it is a relationship. Now I've been sitting and that's for Yuma. This is the debut. On the introduction. Awesome bringing out relationship related topics on the show are you ready I am ready. In the dating world people fall into two separate hit equally important groups. The desperate who need to constantly practice restraint and the Erika who need to be reminded that they aren't really all that. If these are their stories. The name of this segment is loving disorder and I loved it. And an episode. Like on hands and then when people find it users and up spending an entire afternoon watching it pipeline partners blood and I Juli welcome to the damage as Shia area. Game addict inviting I guess that's part of the disorder part of you know. Well we don't we don't know yet because you pose a very interesting. Situation. We don't we don't know if it's disorder yet but we will be the judges so just because this is when it the first time we're doing this we're gonna. You're gradually and then we want our listeners decide and I were crowd sourcing democratic crowd Soros says the listeners. Art the jurors. If you. Got and Julia let the floor is yours to present your case. Well basically I need to know how well okay and it's immediate good friend in my Eckhart. Believe we've been divorced for five years were totally lit just platonic friend we are breathing a dire. Pray you hurt against. I tapes and that all of our friend thank you can making a pro I don't operate and Carolina again and eye opening conversation and. You know heat seeking and I backed typical guy he's middle aged man it's dating. Friendly ridiculously. Young you're gonna have. Anything. Can easily turn on. So is this a topic of conversation that your friends are having your peers. Yeah I didn't. We did we were married a long time we ally Herman planned and we managed to both days and we're about our our. Hud and you know and these contaminated turning me. And everybody just thinks he's being he is being played and he either and yet. You know all areas and Taliban. So. Will personal tells about this relationship the eighties and he is on the surface. I would say. It sounds like jealous. I you know I know it sounds like it since you were I mean I don't want you back. You know I I currently the one who instigated ordered diet. You're saying yes you would pretty much. Speed now. Tend to act and he wanted to brag that it's pretty surprised didn't he didn't talk at all for a long long time and that. I daresay brought Maine to Florida girl. Is the first person he's been dating. Okay so how old are we talking how old is he can you give us his age. I meant you know I don't really want Ted you know let. Earned in case people figure out there we are I. You can reduce air quotes like middle aged. You know he would sneak peak he'd get our membership and hair people just barely. OK. Now you know he's a news is bad. You just give us an about it 68 Eric Hayden at the time. Not eat then. Pay it and he's about fifty about fifty. In the Arab world OK and then can you tell us that ballpark for her she's about. Yeah. How it. I doubt see Ernie I can now I think I think she still definitely get carted in to go to NPR. Got it okay so we're gonna go with her about 25 so she's about half his age. Yeah. Which you know I had earlier while that it's really you know keep my ex husband and I know he's entitled to go out. Sees so where do you oh OK so where in in what but why do you wanna get involved. A forehand which you think he is. He thinks he's mad at. The next learn his life he's been telling her friend at C computer Warren. He. In LA talking about buying her dual or any. Like you know wink wink. And she's totally planning and now she's gorgeous I mean total bargain at all. And that she does them part time modeling. No day at all I think all I hear. Is you being really handy like nice amateur I haven't heard where the problem. He says he's making a lot of himself when he first are saying so are all the friends like stopping MR. Our friends there is a day every day's end. Carmen and me and telling me it. It is like the main topic really I'll get together. Sport your eyes arch or he not coming out there at picnic or whatever and I under he's gonna bring his girl and then they told now. Hi he and we have a daughter that only a few of them are I mean it's like continued panel and that's reality show as. Think there's anything send your questions and he'd unattractive that he'd he'd he'd more and back. Eclectic that tanked you know. I annual letter it and and and you know just soared and so are cruel kind of. And aren't let me ask mark question is he or. Significantly wealthier than her. That he ITT. He'd. And and you know he's been able to support really spark a significant part of our top right at night. You know and me in mind that we were Barilla. Aren't so harsh I don't I don't I don't care for yet when it likely there. If I compare phrased it and he's wealthy. This young woman isn't he's not as attractive this young woman is and says she feels like young woman is using him from. And all of your friends are making fun of him for it but he thinks that he is mr. cool guy. Yes he's a lot. He think I assume you want to aren't helping his ground and it beyond. You know I'm afraid he's getting seriously taken advantage. So are right now. He does like being a laughingstock. I'm so here's a tip that. In. Very so we need the jury. To come for hours. You like Harlem USA elect can you wanna go any given match heads out and say everybody's making fun. Yes and that's your question correct any notice is that your question. Everybody's making fun of you and maybe you're you're you're looking at this character has colored glass into. Maybe she's. And yeah get her right now today not illegal line OK and you're the one who asked for the divorce I'm. Yeah okay hold on our Allison welcomed that Jesse James channel. Morning I don't wanna do comment that I am pretty much. On the other end the relationship there my boyfriend is 46 I am 26. And he'd make significantly more money than me. She hasn't got anything bad I belong to that she's pretty admission remodeled not that you know it's you know. Can only if he wants it by artillery. At that. But it doesn't necessarily mean that she's laying sent a different kind of relationship I think she's in. I Juli that I'm. Hoops there's a lot of people saying that that's for you indicated in your email all your friends are saying. You just have to step waive your concern. Is that he is telling people out eighties and lot and you wanna see him from a broken. I do you need that I guess I didn't. If he's really only dated meet the war this woman and I and CI is now. I have some fine. The wild you know don't you turn around and saw a lot of with everybody back and Don and think it's greeted. I I you know I think she's had probably a very nice person but I. Think that it's not really seeing him for me really ending I think our government. Juliette question right this likelier that the jealousy thing have you moved Donna are you and another relationship. I'm not dating anybody now that I my partner Betty half a year. And an implementation guide me in for a battle days since when he would are on Cox hearsay from my husband to compact. Here's what they're Jeff intention. Arson. Hey I'm I am twenty Perry and I didn't marry somebody hit thirteen year old. At my ex husband what it said it. Anything about our age difference I probably let a black hospitality. Even at that may not be that you are higher and it comes across clay court can't cry. Very immature. She left the relationship let her heart and so little and saying if you think you love Mickey yeah. Even though he only did it hurt our Hollywood's really let her. Obviously out of the market now you know maybe that person and I'm now is he opposed the evil act. That even like it it looks like it's our money our our caddie for me outside you're not in any kind of relationship eke out now. What's going on from that I added I don't think he can speak on it and luckier and cyber relationship. And yeah. Victoria welcome Jeff intention. Eat you know and he knew why do. We owe it EQ. On the when he. Who out yet this man is your step mom. I am a little bit older. Sister and mom compared to act. Tutsis. And tell you. What do you how do you feel that. A little bit on. Mir. But my advice is that you still can't hate saying I still don't anything new about that congratulated am. But I think it isn't it and then they can eventually variety making the eight but he got your guys out other people aren't you can shut out. Thanks for the it's against her turn now Victoria. I gotta tell you condolences. Think I got I Julie I gotta tell you that 100% of the calls that I use them now one person is saying that you need to. B I want to delivers the message. Like what are you look and my ex has been many what do you bet my hand but now it's friendly out. But yeah as a friend I think you could but I think because it would be you'd delivering the message. Messages and gonna get through yeah it's Jack tasmin can change that. Doing this out. It is. Sorry sorry you're hoping for it and now. Besides nighttime and let them. Let him make a bulletin topic they want here I guess. I say well I appreciate it can't do that get the opinions. We're glad to help thank you Julie. Hey thanks the lack. It. She could. Seek an op Ed anyway. She isn't elements and support her opinion it is a better about this. Matter we take a quick vote. A quick vote in the room about what or. She dried and he went out Matt Le. I hated them and I needed and Britain who manages. I mean yeah. It this woman and sowing wild card like seventeen. Susie is a caddy and jealous and all the friends talking about really young girl. Hated her. In case you haven't heard it today he looked down. And no one noticed that colonies on your hands it will cover you jumping ship show star and 841.