The Most Superficial Reason You Dumped Someone Part 3

Monday, October 17th


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I'm bill's. Ten moon. Bill. And lower today you can live a thousand bucks. I'm a little added uninstalling now before. If not the most superficial reasons that anybody has gotten down and so far we've gotten glasses standard. Bad hair cut egghead. So ails you could see through them and it I didn't rat tail Pacific and they'll put it we can beat that for a fourth of borrow 194 and. I wanna go with the guy. I don't know what you back. Right. You eat. Don't. Want that. One you. Know it. And it. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. LA. You know. Oh. It Larry that it. I'm. At bat that I know. And on and I just go ahead and bail before aggregate view. The snoring part right. At it. Hey Laura welcome to the show. Hey let me know and we are great most supervision region down somebody. I can on the compared with fans but you know I mean ELD these days and that's one guy I was stating I really liked them by. I tell you get an emotional and he couldn't spell or use punctuation anything at this guy pitch right now I couldn't go alum. I can't get that. Yeah definitely get that bad grammar lets you send the wrong version of there is a game changer or your. Yeah. I didn't know that outlet so well then. Mario. Out. Oh yeah. I agree Condit. And then it's still very close friend of mine. The middle school and any time now holiday would come. You accept. Stating no matter how long it'll. You can't beat broker any thing but because he would be world's worst gift recipient. And given that he regrets the break up what the girl. Then at that awkward moment of I'm not knowing what the buyer knowing how to receive again. And he would do it. Every holiday. Every single holiday that involved a gift so Christmas Valentine's. Day heeded by a couple of them. Usually about a week afford it would be ridiculous reason like he was going out of town into blown off and if we know what ever make any sense of an indoor confront him about it and he said. I just I can't I don't know how about awkward moment at receiving gift you don't want to handle. On it. I'd like many needs needed to get that the way to go about it. I might you can be the last calorie take and that is and Everyzing you broke up with her was why. Actually added a couple Hershey dummy. What happened. In the middle and I we're sleeping area and can't get my base in sneak all the time where we. Are out. Answers you're due out. And it's ignored me and everything it's an hour ahead this catch forever and other Obama they'll go before you're gone a year ago or there. Analysts like that unlike. Okay well I wanted to win this slump a couple a couple times being in there and stare and we prayed about grew weeks needs to. Does the cat. And yet. You gotta know that about the cat woman that actual always wish him if have met him when it goes. I don't rat tail came pretty strong. Kevin Jones has already Bowen. She's running Dennis L in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Spring come a little early enough. Congestion.