The Most Superficial Reason You Dumped Someone Part 2

Monday, October 17th


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I'm sorry not. Not before one. Most superficial. Reasons people live here and four rated episode earlier in the recent human. Uga. Dump somebody if there's reasons write something but you. Are right. I don't sometimes it just feels like. I don't have. Anything labeled relationships. That Eid Al. There's been a few people that I have a couple times and had. Pounced on that friends. Using anchor and ships out why. It. And it is very accepting and judge people like some people and there was a guy Daytona is really against clothes smelled like pickles and. Discriminating. Against the local boy. Actually welcome the jet engine chip. And cash. Your reason for superficial reason you broke up with somebody. A backlog dating a guy and yelled at all. We'll look at a lot you know. And that little personal manner. You know I mean that it would look at me or enter into it and own it that promote it. In computer it went and it's such a small at the match. But didn't want Charlton back went off and let the. Well. It was bad distracting your I did. My first thought oh well you know. After I. In my ball won't let. It at. All. He's carrying a little bit yeah of the door the moment yeah. Well yeah. And Lindsay welcome to the evidence. Oh. Most superficial break up reason but he got. OK I mean I started in high school and items in in the Cherokee I don't know win when it started dating this guy with the winner. We won't pay it in flattered and well spring art roll around in on the bright sort sort clean it and then I would so pale all Los. Even so pale likes you was why and what not there and my mom is our time. And if you don't feel. But a lot of want to restore at a look at it. What. Yeah hello candidates TK is he with the lacking Big Ten big winner always a reason. Black man I'm looking even remember married and I gave him. But I told him he was to help I mean that would let my parents and doubled the day it thinkpad agenda that's why we broke her. You could have just taken into the lake and had them sent. I assume that for a couple hours. I don't even at a bar. Yeah. I got. It down interviews. Britain and it never did decadent show on ice right. Happy hey Kathy. They compete and Blake on board eagle Harley and a great. Bulk liquid oil and I got. We did that bad there. I know that I look like an all day I was here in the water. But and I lied to over the long shaggy thing but this. You know you could you creditors waited a few weeks and at Erica what have been on. Kind of the Atlantic and hit the old till I was polite yeah. Yeah really. It would have been dominate you would have known a 100% did the existed underneath that is. The key. Exactly theater like tea. He. Thinks shadow. And I want them and what's he got. I'm a diet because he lord black is it now Tyler. I think karma iMac and yeah. I'll tell you hundred. I don't think so dirty could be dating. He is owned by it went pretty pretty quiet. Now he like earlier lean. You run into him somewhere he's going to be out like Moses and Aaron and Nike gap. It probably when you won't let that be an opponent. Brian went out you've got laser surgery got a I got on to explain it is. The question is that on purpose. I don't think profile pic. We might have the top call on hold we'll take him. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one noticed the company's gone enhance recovery of the Japanese game show star and 841.