The Most Superficial Reason You Dumped Someone Part 1

Monday, October 17th


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If you're trying to tell us proud out. At all. Join us for themselves in a row every while you're. One story now before we'll let. Let me add new ghost hunting. Tomorrow at this time it's movement when Davis and among the we're gonna revisit last week's signing. Right now is that when an interesting and those tanning is Duane we tracked down people who have disappeared out of your life. And we ask them why it. Call last week was a guy who went out and defeated creative Sydney. And he is banished. This trees. Typically. On that we that we went out there and he hadn't heard great civil manner. And he didn't look at barker after two days and really didn't feel like it was I got to tell him how he shed action ought art. So she dumps him. Because of the way he held his four. Tara miners and train him if demand child here's our telephone number of borrow for. 7419400. Question that we are asking news. The most superficial. Reason. You have heard. Of a break up happened. Most superficial reason that a breakup is an important this can be a reason somebody is giving you. Is a reason to be a reason that you have given someone or it could have been different the most superficial reason for a breakup. In the end and I was listening back to the ghost sending from last week in such and flips on and and there. Changes and a Russo and then and there I was like. Wait a minute. There was a guide you and I was really young and clothes smelled like pickles. And couldn't do it we fixed it loads. It's like he's in his clothes everything maybe it was at the house he grew up in consumer young and his parents ate a lot of nickel everything he knew. Every day's only pickles that day. Or are you sure I ever growing up and going to visit your friends' houses and each house had a distinct scent yes. Haney walking to somebody's house now it's similar to how you visited and you remember that person. Charlotte noble McAllister. And. All pickles all the. I disagree member of the house in people who smoked you. Because they always smelled a little bit different. Yet and a lot of people were a lot of parents smoked and sir all had late this distinctive smoky. Must the pack. Investments was hurt and the German so her house always markets since its. All right. Germans it's an oddity here. And indicated their house. Tiara motivation out. Most superficial reason for our breakout. Well I wouldn't eat. And not really runs into. Don't want it so I'm happy. Because it wouldn't really. Not only did he sometime on the I don't think Alan how how cool. I went. And would you watch each and then my whole body. In my. Why would you wash your whole body UN it's only your feet. Star in 941.