Hook Up or Hang Up Part 1

Friday, October 14th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to. On starting for wants I Janet seems like things are coming together nicely. For our our new dating segment on that show what sort of brainstorming our way through it as a doable we think this could be ingenious way to play matchmaker for especially two minute dating dry spell on your urges. British diplomat let's say hi to a leash and a. Any Winnie. First off thank you for being there the the test subject in our new. Segment. You're very brave and we appreciate. He'll be a little later but first let's just make sure you qualify. You are currently single. You've been in a little bit of a dating dry spell and you're looking for some and go on a day with this weekend. Yeah. Aren't you qualify here is the way it's you know it's gonna work. We are going to talk to you for it for just a minute and we're gonna let you tell us a little bit about your cell ultimately. I'd describe it. A guy you would be willing to go out your perfect man you're tactic. Eight were gonna cross our fingers that he's listening or someone who fits that category that description is listening. And still call you guys will talk to each other briefly. And then it'll be the moment of truth. Wall count down from three. And if you find him compatible use stay on the found if you find you compatible he stays on the found. But if you don't feel like you wanna go on and with them or not compatible or he feels like I don't think after we pass another couple questions it's gonna work out. Either would have you can hang. That makes cents. OK so the tentative working title for this segment is hook up or hang up. I let's get started Telus about Asia. In that case relationship. It ended you're a half now and everything and he not been trying to do right in there and fumble and. That stopped and. And yet he online dating app. And never really had a car and you know Kabul under threat is up on the people and they've been nice but I had no connection really. And so well and beat the Yankees kind of fun. Alicia you have just gotten describe press your favorite man and included mayor elect an age range because the single girls on the Jeff engines show to me to make sure to ask for an age range. And then Haley probably. Anywhere in their thirties. You know not to take Yemen on 31 and so in wearing your thirtieth and it. I'm relieved lake look at where brown hair brown. I can have a little bit of a crush on Ben Affleck. It's going to announce lucky maybe. Now we spoke earlier president. I. And I don't know I get a loner like stellar play and and sell yourself. To any man listening Jews give as a real quick. A Li Xia a 101. OK I. And sight indeed I have reddish brown hair. Name. It every day Warrick but it. Have gone and I heard them often. And you know I enjoy I really like lap saying I EIA. Like I mean really we're going accommodation. Term. In a lot McKinley and really intimate handling. Perfect. So 4047419400. We're looking for a man and that fits the thirties athletic muscular. Brown hair brown eyes and Affleck can be an app lick eve look too hard to see a I and it will get that guy in the found him and just to reiterate the rules. You guys we'll have couple minutes to talk to each other each other's questions that maybe three questions back and forth. And then it'll be the moment of truth you guys needed this idea hook up. On learn tan. Borrow 474194. And is the phone number if you're a guy that fits. Into a Leach's description will talk to you next. Star in 941.