All The Feels 10.14.16

Friday, October 14th


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Open championship. Arizona where they do go home and he didn't. Now back to Michelle on starting before launch com news for the millions. Feels hundred million. Did show don't. Have you noticed there's a lot of negative news it's easy to find these days it's got frustrated and. Fired up works at the wanna focus on that we will focus on the good stuff that we dig around each of us bring to the table we find a good story. I doesn't have a hard time topping this one. There's a town called it Greeneville. Georgia it is about an hour south of Atlanta and a police officer named it and it knocks. Wades into a home there after they received a 911 call about a baby she okay. And they got please I've got to the house and he found. That there's two month old baby who was turning them blue boom not breathing and I had cereal. I'd lodged in her throat. So I Kenneth knocks the police after it and first aid on the baby. And Roddick act like the babies crying everybody in the room started crying it was a fantastic moment. Well a few days after that he gets a phone call while he's at work. They commandeer enough a with the U it's the parents of the baby that he saved and they ask that police officer. Would be. He. The babies out. And he said yes yep he's idea. That's constant. And. Every single morning they take a picture of the baby and send it to that we've there's. He said that you know he's and we've announced for two and a half decades he's done at all but nothing has affected him. Like saving that Amy and gesture that. That's. So sweet I got 13 I think you generally like this has to do with hurricane Matthew. So there was a young man who lived in Nebraska and he couldn't get into in contact with his Floridian grandma. After the hurricane so he got create of on it turns out that her own had been disconnected so Eric at the grandson. Called the local Papa John's in his grandma's town and had a pizza. Delivered to our house that is really so the delivered I didn't realize he was on such a special mission until he got to the house he read the receipt and when he knocked on players door Claire was grandma. She was a little bit skeptical. And from they are the pizza guy followed instructions and called Eric in Nebraska so Eric and Nebraska could know that grandma was safe and here is the delivery driver and grandma talking about the story. They sure do or be suckered. The way that he answered the phone mission there she okay it's out of a few words. You can do. Deliberate and literally didn't agree to decrypt ended. Really hasn't tuck into food aid it got word about team I think everybody now error expression just priceless legacy was like. Well I hit. So how cute is that he's a weight program and contestants I know you. And then repeats that's a brilliant idea and that's their parents like minded who would see somebody and the reports and the night. Not open the door and yell from the upstairs and. I bought all our I. Yeah yeah it's my identity. And. And odds in the EU and the ball fields. A fantastic story a man had saved in life. And purposefully let me just like act and actually care I'm. Gunman intent of all things. I do. Many Texas he's in his fifty's and since he was very young he's at three different brain disorders that cause daily seizures. Sometimes in his sleep and if it happened in it's sleep it's possible. So she's had cats this whole life but he went to Texas and he knew he needed a new best friend. So he went to the humane society. And he found Blake this adorable cat that as soon as they fell in love. In late because noses and those super cute he's like I need this cat and then just a few days later he started having a seizure in his sleep. And the cat went over and started like biting his toes extremely hard. That we cannot. And it was insane in this cat every time he knows he has he's gonna have a teacher he goes and smuggle him to tell the man to go sit down and they'll get ready so amateurs and I'll send news disease. Didn't he attack incidence of seizures coming yet he says at that house all the time he spent serving in the like. Ten minutes ahead of time. And even said afterwards you know most people think of therapy penalty that service dogs but this is just a regular cat from a regular story he says. Every pet concede your life in any way I am and ask socially. I'm actually make is there's dogs are trained to know. That and have you heard of the I'm the dogs can sniff out cancer. And so each browsers right is they. Miniature Schnauzer that can smell and sense of smoke and majors yet like read out against the person and he and they just won't.