Where Is This Relationship Going Kelly & Warren Part 3

Thursday, October 13th


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He's running Dennis L in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Straight coming overlook knocks. Justin. Where is this relationship going I'm the Japanese game show and as. Kelly reached out because she's had a friendship with Warren for about five years. And wanted to know Warren was feeling the same way she was taken to the next level. And then warring just told us that he considers Kelly his kid sister. Which is about as no is you can. Odd that sometimes we all read situations incorrectly Kelly. And I think that that might have been. What was happening here. Now look like a minute this is operated under about half. It's cool I don't know. I guess we kind of figured that all in only eight I cannot super try to I would think there. So. Now I I cannot grip I guess he got asked but I'm not surprised that that's what. Yeah. Well do you think going into it. And a lot like just thought she said going into it she seemed very certain that there was. My connection and now he's not surprised. But I give it yeah I got it via we can misread the signs and stuff views being beat Bradley and she thought I was party right. And has more compatibility or anything else so I just kept really you know it's the one key especially if you've dated just. A bunch of different people that compatibility is clearly the reason why doesn't work out and then she seeing the same guy that you're so obviously compatible with. You're greens are going well mediums looking in the wrong place. Well as far as the all is the awkward staff is lying. From a guy's point of view I think you can probably as. I address it quickly. Once. And man. He'll completely forget about it he may tease you about it but that site. You pitches can't really really dry up and truly innovative. Do you Kenneth. Elliott Carter. Well. I'll pay you. We're looking for me it wasn't the when he won by. Leasing and now proceed. You know it in which quit. Quit awkward conversation now. Next about it. Us. Should be and this radio station got me up to it. Could she make us the back until he goes day and that website and allison's cancer. And here's you say allegedly ran you want to act now. He. Now we've been friends for a long time all deuce I think that would just be able to. Like you said just how are awkward conversation and then we'll just forget about it. I'd just a question in Europe and says I'm not trying to like rub salt in the wound or whatever but I just out of something. Do you get really really jealous when you see him with his girlfriends. That the people he's leading. Like is that is that going to be a problem going forward. Null late but we're both and that's one of the reasons I thought we work and apple because we're ball. They reached we we used a similar and that that we don't I don't I don't jealousy I find it to be appointments emotion. On actually. So no IE if he's not entrusted their arms gonna let it go like are not betray that kind after somebody. So if he's. Had a party museum and made you know another girl who's crazy until May show it but I like it no worries. Com well thanks Kelly. You gave it back out about it. I don't believe there's not a woman who quote doesn't do jealousy. Teach him but he also yet Red Sox because they're gonna addresses opera or whatever and name. He's an abuse how many thousands she's. So what lesson we learn from us don't do stuff like this on the radio. There's a lesson but if you have now learn that lesson and you ought to be a part of where's this relationship go. I just send us an email that disparity for one planet that comment sent an email the wireless. But I wouldn't it. Advantages are ready for Roland. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.