Where Is This Relationship Going Kelly & Warren Part 2

Thursday, October 13th


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So are in 941. Where is this relationship going we are about to place the call to war and fortunately. And ask him where's this relationship going this is either going to be the best call he's never gotten their act deem most awkward amber because they've been friends for about five years and they've always. And and relationships people. And so we're gonna call and see if he's opened to. Diving into the romance zone with. Are you ready listen in on this Kelly. I am again. We are gonna put on hold now we will call him out and as you know. You'd just get to listen and welcome back future and implement after we talked to them. Yeah I get black and. Oh. I. Oh. Please. Yeah weren't they weren't this is gen project intention concern for one how are you doing. I'm due to an area. All we are great and we are Connie today because I have your friend Kelly. Okay and Kelly wanted sad to call and talk to you we do a segment on a show called weird is this relationship going and you guys have been buddies for like five hours now. And she really dig zoo and a hang hang out with you and she's always really appreciate your French ship but she. Was curious if you'd be open to taking your friendship to a different level. A more romantic level. I mean I know there are I don't accuse. Sheila event. Like we're right we're like brother and sister like or not there's not and even her like remotely dramatic day. She says there hasn't been but she would be may be open to that so not for you then prying. I don't really really I like jell. I don't think the issue would have sent that out. I mean I really think they have around her city and play well. The pretty unique payments again this year numbers so. I'm I'm pretty sure it's here. You're pretty surprised. I mean we never. We never even write that down on a date. And how mean lightly garlic doesn't start the other but now lights. You know there's never been any sort of you know tension between us. I didn't like that like. I don't I don't really don't understand. Well there hasn't been in the past I think why she was explained to us is that should be open to it you're really love spending time with Egypt has really. Comfortable compatible with you and feels like maybe we could try. I Rodman thing but she was nervous. Check out my little sister got. But here. Is it possible Matt. You have jazz band name. But I guess it's not possible I guess that's what's happening but I was gonna say is it is it possible that the relationships and looks completely different from where you reach are standing. But I guess I've I guess we and. I really I when I I I guess if that's what you pay but I mean. I understand I'm totally yeah. Is is coming out of left field and have no idea what's going on. That is a huge surprise. Deal which UB isn't something that if you. But after the shock of hearing this wears off is it something you would entertain. I mean she's like a kid sister like. I don't I don't know. I really don't and now there's I don't know there's no level of attraction there really and now. No not letting them like a little bit not achieve. Your gorgeous gorgeous girl you know like. It limited depth but just know. Then Clinton okay. Well hopefully. Our conversation won't make it weird for you guys to continue your friendship but just that it's a question undermines. Shall we are going to meet. Our hands. Sorry say it detonated a course infant at a. I'm a little awkward conversation borne. There Mazar I. So just how does that Pataki Kelly. In the we'll figure that out. I think she's probably Ari change a number of it away and she made him I think that's probably afford it. Coming on with us. And no problem. Thanks Warren. While it is awkward. I don't wanna pick up the phone again we have to iron I think rarely feel awkward to win. That happens. And I felt. Physically and comfortable. I'd say no we will combat in three minutes and general pick up the founder Emmett and we've Kelly who just listening doll that we will do that in three minutes on the Japanese engine start ready for Roland. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one can notice the company's gone enhance recovery of the jumping ship show and star Nady for a one.