Where Is This Relationship Going Kelly & Warren Part 1

Thursday, October 13th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to. On stunning formalized their name in this segment is it where is this relationship going. Where we do the awkwardness so you don't have to. And today we're speaking weeded. Kelly hey Kelly welcome to the show. I think for having me. Are okay so like I don't Kelly lake site years ago. And I'm right about that try immigrant went a little cheer an that the guy named Warren. Blake turned out we just had a couple mutual acquaintances but got an appearance like patent so we can bond the respect we're both new to the city. When things like that inbound. It. We became really different rates. And with open beating like other people over the last sightings we've never beat each other. But I don't know I've kind of always felt like there was lake. The stronger connection than just being really good friend elite. Kind of thought that maybe he was just worried that it literally grown our friends and we started dating or something like that I I kind of want an all Blake. The diet I've been picking up on our right and he's interest in a relationship. If your duty to probably similar without us even calling him. Well the problem is I am one of the dudes because I think you'd fallen one of two categories. They find in the categories. Of the super comp inning and walking talk about the girl leave it there boom. And then the other extreme and 180 degrees from that is me and I'm the guy who actually have a girl with her tongue in my mouth. I'm thinking in my head. I wonder if she wants to accuse me of so I'm a terrible person ask this. Because I'm and that's that's that's meat so it's very possible he's in the U he's just scared of me in the mood. I. And that's it I guess that's why I'm wondering in Italy and you didn't duplicate joint greed and that it high years how it's I don't know all. Between the two of us is what I did you know idol for me like I'm worried. That I'm gonna ruin the friendship. You know bringing honor and so indicted I think guys kind of like bill that are being at an. Chile are both few and Warren now single. So now like. Anybody anybody may be used it. And ran. And then the pack it's always been in this thing we're like I spot about pursuing the idea which is why it it's been Hyde pierce. Well I thought about pursuing that but it is. It's always Chiming late Ali derby in early alike all find somebody that I'm interest that in and then you immediately like right about that timing is now being the person that he'd been wet and it is cute. Looking back at Ford. Sorrell. It's sort of like that. Have you guys ever had anything romantic camping and the idea is ever hooked up for anything. No leaks. I mean you know there is only blip will be at a party you're on like that and be the head and talk all night and it's not like I'm pursuing him and that it's just that we're good stringent than. We gravitate toward each other you know we aren't seeing thinks I need in the you know lake it just. You know all of this is the personality and whole night lit that night at their goal at procurement. You know. Wouldn't make sense over the outsiders all these other relationship I had that haven't worked out where I would rather spend. You know party with him and even the guys in and eating currently. Yeah it just been good friends and technological sense. Yeah. So when we call him you wanna call ask about that. Are you implying that logic has something to do with aiding and now. I didn't do it I mean it sounds like you want to try. I do and I don't know I guess I'm just a late I'm almost 30 and I am determined that that each where. I a lake I've done the fun dating I doubted oh you know just play casual. Stocks and all of those other things but now it's just kind of at that point where I care way more about compatibility eat. Then I care about exciting. You know and against it and you're getting old. He's almost there you know all. Got to arrow off on the arc. Well it's supposed to increase are seeking a more about Blake a serious relationship that has the future vs and so he's hot. So. You know easy hot argued physically drag him. Rudely but it. Just spend literally hanging thing and I and and very notched her one of the people that's late one person with one person I've never. Then the type of person is that he would play well being that person Gamal sleeping with eight people lake eight. I ate so that I know that someone has it that a relationship between eighteen I hate to turn them off as an option in all. So it's just just because I recognize that the track is that mean I'm pursued him at all if you took somebody else. So Kelly. Has there ever been anybody that you dated that he still really good friends whereas ours anybody he's dated that you're some really good friends with with their being. Any X is that our friends that would get in between you. Now really really exciting about you and we still have sort mutual acquaintances that either cure it been romantically involved but by. Nothing that ended on site that would make it. We're somebody losing a friend. A I want the way it works is that we well it caught him up his name is Warren correct. We will call Warren EU will listening to that conversation. And Walt ask him where is this relationship going. You could hear his answer will cross our fingers that is what you wanna hear and then we get up the phone with him we compact the future feedback. Welcome we're gonna make the pro called Warren here in three minutes for this week's episode of where is this relationship going. On the jet engine Chia. And young star already forewarned.