Phone Scam Your Brother In Law Is Too Tall for the Community

Wednesday, October 12th


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The restaurants. Schools. In television show star and 84 Juan. I'm. So glad he's back. Phones Gammon on the jet's engines there. At an email from a one man who wanted to sit call. Her. Her sister Claire. Claire's birthday is coming up and they get a perfect gift said public humiliation will. Your phone scam. Here's the background there has been getting phone calls from somebody at the homeowners association in the community where they lay it. These calls coming and there is in thump and than playing phone tag we'd be HO way if she doesn't know why they're all. She just as they have and using that night and it is I call her out. As representative. Of the homeowners association. Where he. Yeah. I am the emperor Clara. Please what do I clear my name is Adam and I'm calling from the subdivision homeowners association. I OK I you have some guests staying in your town home. Right now. And if my brother and I and my sister and their get any hair stood there like a month. I'm sure they didn't get there how they're building in your house. Well the issue and I gases going to be review or brother in law. He is too tall for that community. I'm sorry we're taking a your brother and my keys too tall for the community. Okay I'm a little bit confused about how somebody would be should top the list and where I really. Where at 62 in under community. At all. Where game that we I saw him in the clubhouse obviously it raised some flags because he is. Freakish week tol. And it looks like 65. So even if we take an inch wafers Jews. That's gonna put him at 60 war. And that's two inches over so he's got ago. Okay I'm there and right in everything that somebody there to high requirements I mean. I just don't like the can. Do you have your covenants in front have you. Now I network I mean what I have to culinary heaven and in front of me OK well sure you read dammit losing. I mean I didn't read all of it but like wouldn't somebody noticed I had that there are the height requirement what do what do back. But there's gonna read in the community OK I mean I'd rather not much higher than a basketball player. Right they would not be allowed to. It's as if it's at all it's in under 62 community. I can bet that that that sound right at it doesn't even have high requirements we have him on surveillance. I don't know how you check someone's height yet surveillance camera but I hope they don't make people hello welcome. That's where you and I hit it has people pretty nice how old and mentored OK I don't think it didn't like some sort of an in that happy creaking like. Did just that that summer and they. I think that situation is that you signed the covenants you agreed to live. And in under 62 community and now your brother in law is walking around all giant light. And people are scared. You know. I think Jack well I don't think that people should be scared of my brother in law but I also think that shouldn't be higher pregnant and I think it did. Breaking some sort of content. Oh yeah no law. All right but you should have never moved it. Well I didn't know I mean have you do you know how big Patrick saying yet that I. Forty page it and I can't reach Iran that I did not let your united time and keep your guard. Orderly I think. But it absurd. And I'm gonna have to talk to I had been and I'm probably gonna call earlier because it doesn't go on that error at the height requirement in my homeowner's association I haven't. You are harboring. ING I. OK I'm I looked there and maybe I can get a copy of the cabinet and I'd like to see what he did it on and how it will hurt it. And we have a monster balanced at the clubhouse. Using and probably damaging our treadmill with giant clown feet. We have an X six by. I think you're getting back over a non issue I just don't think you're making a bigger deal at that and really need to be. What world do you live in when he's six foot four man is a non issue. Every day and we botch actually play. But I'm not about every day and that's the ninth issue they don't need to be having trouble there. He is clearly not an act he's all legs and arms. He's like uncorrelated Michael Phelps we've watched him in the pool. It's in Paris and you shouldn't why handing your. I do you buy him in my house and I didn't hear our way around at least they'll have to read. Together other houses that I had either notes and. Not never. Gone tonight gone tonight until well I'll tell you what if you would like him to stay for a few days life finds that went. That's fine at least in the community he can only move around on his knees. And EU not my brother and I think rocket down and hit me. Clara it's not my request that your sister's she told me that suggest that she also told me that your birthday is. This weekend it's Jeff from the jet engine shutout and Sheila gall you want him. You tell you happy that. Men don't go Barry speculated I was so it. Yeah but that really it requirements. In my opponent is that the eighth and. The good news Claire. There's probably not a height requirement India and Asia. The bad news is I really have no idea why they're calling and that's usually never put it is of course. Hope and well now I met me prepared for like a battle at a bit though I. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one can notice the colonies on enhancing discovery of the Japanese game show and star Nady for a one.