Jeff's Wedding Surprise Part 3

Thursday, October 13th


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All loan and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search stalking or want it. Jenn hobby both surprise. Your web is almost here and we have it surprises up our sleeve but this is the first one. Because we want to celebrate you there so many friends and failing members that want to celebrate you and Cali and your wedding day that is quickly. And gays are way even. And it's so. Earlier this morning we got to. Surprised. Jen I had a bunch of friends of mine. Leave messages. For me that I'm hearing for the first time on the rate. And my goal with everything wedding related is to not cry because I'm a crime he chipped up. Cry and I trying not to cry managed the idiot that's your goal and my goal is to make you crack. I and you and you almost got me read this message that we played last hour. Jeff dollar it Melissa's Carter and mr. Carter in the background need any marriage by when he. It's been an now. But I diplomats say congratulations see you unless she can make an honest man at a and at that you're one of the sweetest kindest men that I now. And another turning your reputation but I love yet bunches and I can't wait to see all dressed I. And ready it and an addition to hear and very crowded in mr. Carter is due and we take congratulations. Lucky. Almost got me that I. And that clincher. That's like this. Got a half dozen more there's actually more surprised messages up here. And frames and you think. I'm not sure quite a radio people Melissa Carter but that a bunch of out of town re of people mode generally used to work waited. In Arizona and Clark Howard. Who is an referendum vote in and mined from from many many years left a message may gal. Showdown in Tampa but as and it roots left a message. I'm bypassed me and I'll be ready for to a new one out once you haven't heard yet. Eight gift at the Monica Pedersen just calling to wish you a boatload of happiness and continue to love and success. But I do have to give you a little bit of advice learn to say yes dear whatever you say do you never happy life. Happy life. And the other framed marriage uniqueness always and that marriage maintenance. And the other thing literally. Always have a date at least last week it keeps things fresh. Again and continued to let things and they're happy that the vote that he's best wishes. Long happy healthy love field Mary. Everything she says absolutely. Because her voice only speaks for. Our boy that is one of the people with a visit of voice of wisdom and omni. It. And she says then. And this next one before you hit the button and I can tell everybody else is a New York Times best selling author over and over and over again. And his name is Johnny. I got the Jamaica I think I might be the lead in person the colonists. Re letting it hasn't shared. Need Justin Bieber and he'd like he got to know and they are you love your us. Or we'll get beat. All of that I'm in the Asia yet. And really study getting married the one bit. Arm is. Go to bed. Angry at the old adage of like never go to it ain't that the dumbest thing that you're not gonna fix some problems. That night. Like Dana appreciate it doesn't it how nobody better leader. Yeah so it does any good then you know what. Apocalypse in the morning and and the day after and always be there would leave act. Like you know at the bad argument. Become an extra minute hotly partisan nature that it's gonna take up. He got. That's great John a calf some some background he is saying he has an author on he used to live in Atlanta he lives in Nashville now. And he and I became acquainted if you yours ago beacons he listened to me on the radio and I was and it is writing. And then he wrote a book called do over which men came in in my hands and may be about eighteen months ago. And if you are looking for a way to. Really start if you are feeling and a on. And you're looking for a way to kind of kicks are your life and look for new beginnings where you don't think Warren exists. Read his I am nodding along with Jeff profusely kids after you read do over he gave it to me and it's. It's life changing it's a really soak it live I'm. I would not be sitting in this chair rate year. And last I read that and it is it is amazing and you and ask the person who. Who put that altogether and he's so kind and I am 100% agree with the eyes and I do you think it's located about Matt and that's units and one. UB. And I'm just tired and. Jack this is your attorney and news anchor for the quality animal alliance residues of the nuptials I just one question regarding your wedding. And or DJ. Now it is DJ I am available I can dust off my turn tables brought back my mullet and pays you around like a record baby rattle ground round. But seriously just 400 data wedding. I would like to quote my local paparazzi. Jeff I hoped that the first child DM masculine job. Congratulations very. It's Eddie Sutton had babies I would like to point out the M Amanda called GO once you start having to. Slowdown in. Hey Jeff and Kelly it's yeah. McGraw. Obama tore us congratulations. To. By the way it's very expensive. I hope it works every guys and not com. Happy to play eight years old party back. Very reasonable price. Atlanta good. Paid seven Kelly congratulations. On the engagement this is day here. I'm so I couldn't see you today but it's ugly you're having a lot of fun and best of luck with everything in the future. How could you got that doesn't make it's yeah. And Israel last one. Eight GAAP if your boss corporate speak out here personal wanna share their well wishes to you and your lovely bride. And your upcoming natural merger rear seat to people who have such. Core competencies that access to each other well let's find synergies don't worry nobody attacks they are having the I'll collaborate with Janet make sure all our bases are covered know what goes out there swim lanes when you're gone so right there leading the needle when you were hurt congratulations sent. We don't get an application requests at least three weeks at least so these process so that the system and so the corporate take that. She's. And perfect. A circle back with him on that vacation request that a threat. I thank you odds and indeed and it is similar. That you guys that are. I just love on opposite idea I doubt you did get lunch. Again I don't know who's got a bigger smile Jeffords. At the last minute Sony now makes. They often James Young still are ready for one.