Jeff's Wedding Surprise Part 2

Thursday, October 13th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now that she wants to formalize. I have a phone scam coming up in ten minutes Mitt chance to him continuing third nice torture. It's urgent review eight the prize them they didn't. And surprised Jeff for his wedding we are really close to count on its final. Ten days. Days and today. So excite a week from Saturday. Instead of weeks ago he has listened. Ten days out from your wedding. Marks and that on the schedule. And reserve. A couple of segments is gonna have some think. That she wouldn't give any clues in the hugest. Hit a few minutes ago. I was meted to start it these buttons and a computer in front me and all messages from different people. I'm in right now so it started with my best man George aero. And then I'm Melissa Carter former coworker. And this Derek and sits there. My friend him McCoy a meg gal. Who is a radio but he reminded good friend from. It's radiation and and that was the first list. Get re this many for a big. Yes do you have friends and people that wanna give you good advice and well wishes for your wedding day. And this is a fund has every but new place is a new surprise for you and if you wanna join us somethings that live and see Jeff right. I hear. To be messrs. number six. Hate to have it not in need of hearing that talent Maureen express where certain. Learned Smart. In Catholic women work. Now I did it not me. Anyway here if I think that there invite and that it. Oly need a funny guy no matter black it awfully hard by Mary you're making each other laugh right I would say you know I. Only collect a funny guy Dominican make you laugh because. You know chemical from money back that's what. Chemical from uncle couldn't add and add that doll line. An act and adopting common go to Mary for somebody's. Job Armani now married parent level. There so we treat people acting which is pretty deep for you because you're funny guy okay. By way. Who was the blind that you think the possessing Nancy Grace which is worse than an hour. Skating. Might take out. Now before it does an excellent yeah you might have to Iceland Hillary is afterwards that he but this is somebody that we used to work well. Who has gone on to. More international. Jobs. Let's say that I'm not explaining that. And I used to be a bodyguard. For somebody famous that it is a pop star that campaign. Any Hamilton. Hawk. Yeah it's you know we'll and then open it didn't Google well they're just wanted to calm day. Congratulations. You didn't Yates the woman that you training that I hope everything is in perfect and you want it to be in the Terry Terrell. Arm but I Indonesia later car colors yes but you know that's six that was asking me about. Hand I told him that look the market you know like they believe god eastern and streets. Well you're giving player cart on the ticket record cheat or your. Aren't you glad apt 021 on the she probably here and I'll let you brother. At the greatest wedding at the best mayor it's possible. And cheers to you the bride. Has sent two dollars Arabia like sides of the argument. I Kenny worked with both Jack and right different radio station charity work view in Europe to be happy with. As a station and and he worked over at Q1 hundred for a short while in vain. Partnered up with scooter. And I was doing stuff with scooter rate in scooter. I discovered Justin Bieber and let our rocket ship both of them. In our head of security he was and now he's. Out of the Bieber camp he's in his own thing he's at nightclubs and land and all the time. He's like yeah. He's he's big and as well. Sit out at Clark Howard congratulations. To you I'm so excited are you. Know how god are you far. It is just really such a great event when I had dinner with yellow recently. It very expensive restaurant. Week. 08. With. The media couple. That was as it is happy. It is Q that you are you can't go there you and hope your life together is the candidate Joseph away every single day. Did I experienced at dinner that. By. The fancy dinner he was talking about is Willie's. I'm right and browse all the I think it was the original Willie's it's on the Roswell road in the plaza where that the fresh market is in the Goldberg and and I mean I just ran in their and they like after like on the chest in or something are prisoners of weeks ago. You know this hour we talked about like. I. Did he tell you how to order and that most economical way right out Willie's a sour cream on the sides agent nickel. Any grammar here Jeff and Cali I wish you the best. Most beautiful blessed wedding. And I know it's over used but my advice is happy wife happy life keeper Adam broke act. Let me right there yeah this is James bay are just published a quick congratulations to Jeff. His wedding guest. Dot do have a advice Jeff or get married I've never been married but I have seen it from thaw I mean it looks like he could be okay it could be fun. When they got let let Obama impact on all all the very best bag and a he had the most credible so fired simply because it. Hi this bill collector calling for jet dollar. We have a couple of bills that are outstanding issues like used or seen them. That was what I heard all the time when I worked with jab at being accurate. Japanese motel in the morning mode just spiking Shanahan and we want to wish you and Cali does very very bad badly and they. By that. Yes. All eat eat at one. And that we're study midwest which is from Detroit but we're not joking about the book collecting. Not that you wrote some gambling interest money they're who they are at all across the country and your name and I still don't get how an ugly sentiment. Like yourself ask why is seriously have to be the radio bank. Yeah. And I'm. And there's still more light of these. I I guess I'll do it again rate at 8 o'clock AM. In the phone scam them promise people coming up on the view that nags. And and at 8 o'clock will go down the active. Next things I have instruments and monsignor acts it's. God you got everything a lot of music you surprise. First person and artist of jeans and other. Thank you very much and when it. Died I need more law and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen.