Jeff's Wedding Surprise Part 1

Thursday, October 13th


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Now. Nothing makes more uncomfortable and then. I know here's the most stressed out now I'm actually. An all in all I see you've changed the game because the last surprise they got. Ended up with me on three day vacation well that's not happening sitting high school with I'm not setting in Vegas again ever since she said hey. Circle this and the schedule. There's this time with it offers surprise I'm like. That it took each. Last time. And active Wear. Oh no surprise that we are on the true final countdown to your wedding day and days. So excited. And so honored to be grooms woman and stand up with you Alley. And so rather than wild and crazy parties in Vegas. Time to get a little more real. Sound. Week by that you'd needed them wedding in some Mary. You reached out. Hats and different people. Reason. And now assignments. Just about to hit a bunch of buttons where he doesn't know what's gonna happen. Okay. And you I just play it surprise. Yes one. You start with surprise number one. Some advice. Guess in Cali sit in a tree ISS ING. First comes love then comes marriage. You know what they're going to be happy couple round Jeffrey just remember the sooner you learn that three famous words. Anything he's state dear. Arguably being married to beautiful woman like Cali Cali yeah. This is George Carroll year. That's man and I'm so proud to and so Hewitt out graduation and just about six weeks to go out and a blonde. Do it right number Kelly's best take care have a great day. Your records. Began helping them and dad gave her a little bit that's just best man George care and his ex. I'd record two. Straight on yeah. Jet dollar a malignant Carter and Carter in the background eat any merit by went need. It began the but I diplomats say congratulations to you unless she can make an on and other. And at that you won the sweetest and kindest men I've that I now. And notice earning a reputation but I look yet until I can't wait to see all dressed I. And ready Kyle in addition here and very gravity and mr. Carter is due and we take congratulations. Lucky. That just so we can be sure that's the only person from another Maria station and. A. Jeff dollar it can be airman and a of course I'm machine congratulations I'm super excited are you thinking we celebrate. Merited by actually Jeff I would say that the white selling dry. And they got. Without a great and I. Kim's older and her husband cruel lines as you all. A little bit fatigued. It's. OK let's zip it is global seagate buddy. When it cause they regret and our patent Nabih it would make you eating Mary own. My wife and I due date. So hopefully we will be there. Either with a baby or possibility of being in gigantic. We're really excited if you guys knew who it's a good time he now. Alaska the years to go until late inning in an offset. And my only word of advice is 38 special. Just hold on loosely the donate your plea to tightly you can lose control. Your baby needs someone to believe in and whole Lotta space debris. But he got the good grass but he. Is why it is. Restart. She's. And the plan is if you show up to the last thing they want to use those. Waves. In. Supposed to be one rides. And it is not it is these days. Before and but it that you make it to the wedding newscasts I'm going to sentiment use Sweeney's. Place the eggplant yeah talent and that will be her meal because I'm like you're gonna come. You'd made it memorable even an fitness which he made it appeared on viral that I don't. But I wanted it that leaves it for a parmesan. Hey guess this is you'll Wear out your friend your main key your colleague in the gospel where from camp. And I wanted to say congratulation. I am so it's so act before you. A little piece of advice I've learned from watching Brandon he's married two years. Is that when your wife's. It is having a bad day maybe at an argument. All what you need to do. Get out that they feel ill. And then it would go in on them I know I mean it's just rounded down to get all of it need between them over the she will not view there'll never be any arguments. Mine shared advice congratulations. So excited and so happy for. I am shocked because. If if this is right. We're just getting started. There's a dozen more rain here yeah I don't have that many friends. Who are these people. They grab and it's no like my name's Kevin. I run the leaf blower is tough neighborhood over the homeowners association. And I know UB doubt about that mean I haven't anyway. We have many wanted and that I had my little button is a new surprise on man. And I as the similar. You site I tell about Harry I. Our main site and add years. I'm not I'm almost happy I'm yours and I suspect. I don't I know the work that went into this I appreciate an Amtrak and its so we'll play some some more. Currently just a few minutes thank you Dan you back. As threats are so if it gentry gen John Arne 841.