Your Campaign Slogan [HERE] Part 2

Tuesday, October 11th


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My life. Did you think she and big issue in this morning finally for a lot. The idea is that it's the last text message that you send to anyone in your phone. Is your campaign slogan. Or running for president. So what was mine again. Allman milk and fabric softener. And that said. I'll this nation needs. Is some bounce. It's a moment mountain did you think I can stand behind I'll closures and. I'm lucky I am a fabulous day can't wait for a date with you. And counties that would. And I Zeta assemble hours and actually it's Joseph there's I was got a view on it and you have a though now that's a mouthful lighten. He. And I'll look like to have a practice. Somebody serious snaps out of them delicious looking back it's becoming huge right that is an okay is it behind that's yeah. Harry Martin. Referring to the mail this week it. There have been raised that. Analysts though again. Page pictorial what's your campaign slogan. Maybe haven't presently by the I had thought. It was. Actually should be some bodies when you can pick and I. Had them. I. Might equity out for a campaign slogan. Long overdue. This event and. That. Night. And thank you. X tanker planes again. A jet engines so what's your campaign slogan. I'm Sheila I how much pain and adding. I let out. That's and what's your name. Well Whitney 2016. Means and then. Mean at paddy and that's the party. And I'm quoting me in patty. I'm nick welcome this year out. We got for a campaign slogan. Yeah I. Think. I've had four more years. My bags are a comic. So once again if you don't play along when your friends just. Read the last testament text message that you sense. Do any line and that becomes. Your campaign when he sixteen. Campaign. Slowed in Lebanon opposed. Can jump. Still aren't ready for a one.