Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity 10.10.16

Monday, October 10th


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shelf all. We believe that starting your day. And even your week which is just one thought of gratitude changes your whole perspective. Eight on. All your attitude for the weeks and just think of one thing your grateful for me and Colin share with us that's a graphic to be fresh and treaty is all about. Our telephone number is 4047419400. And it truly. Can be. Bigger smaller and the way this started is. What a year ago my chance and I just started leaving notes for each other that all started with. Today I'm grateful for. And what it does it. Forces you to find what's on the worst day. A day when he Philly everything's gone Ronnie wake up and Henne and aug 2000. And everything's wrong you're like well you know why now. I'm supposed to meet Jan for lunch today I am a repeat. I'm grateful for pizza you break that down and I'm not a change yet. Against it should be grateful I've car that works and go to work to go to a job that I have right. Even you don't even if you don't love the job you'd outage yet carted their. Rights exactly. I'm tired of what I can you know like today I. Grateful for nice weather yesterday was. You'd have perfect just perfect day cross the whole bunch aaron's off the list in and and at the end of the day that answer I'm like. You went on the patio. We need heat. In the sun is be outside. Yup we went. And Pacman. Could. And then you are grateful for air conditioning and didn't orders like let's move this. It is a good guy. Colby welcomed the jet engines can. And mourning today Colby is grateful for. I don't it will pour mine Q beautiful daughter. Some what are their names. Brooklyn and sorrow. So sweet and howled that way. And we'll be that into you Mary and child be organic matter. And of those through which one are you more grief it's. Because it and I love I love both of them very minute. Very very much and they're all in net nine day I've gritty guys listen to us every article. All spring and actually. And awesome price and you think of telling the jacksons and shadow. The morning. And. I'm this year or today I'm thankful iMac are your teacher and I'm thankful that I like the cooler air the staff that it supported encouraging. Even though we teach our edited yet I'm not hurting it more. Oss. Our tips for choosing teaching I -- earlier in our teacher work days similar to come back when you were in school and you find out there's substitute. That you can go and do whatever you want to be miss being able to make it around. I'm a little bit more freedom we have meetings all morning and then after namely hard at. Trying to work and I believe that dot psych lodge at teachers don't normally get a big deal are. That's awesome and a little bit at peace and quiet in the afternoon right in the have some thought about an Iraq that's an. Awesome Sarah thinks art on the jet engine showed gratitude fresh and pretty. It. Hi how are. Complaining. We're hearing democratic URRR. Might want it or edit the IP back out. We're out there. And how is everything back comer you wanna check it out today. We are leaving II and no the issue or. Great that it looked like Arnold. Well you're not out from backed out where they're. Well at. That's awesome and I definitely here in and I am glad they introduce you to us. You. Thanks and Kia wouldn't what are you grateful for her courage and Connie so many things I would have to say from over the weekend is just time with our girls ticket today Disney on ice yesterday with our oldest daughter Lauren and spent some quality one on one time with her. Because of rhesus cancer battle right now there's been so much focus on her right and so much more time spent one on one with her. You know. Hospital visits and doctor is that such an oldest needed some one on one mom times of him mommy daughter day and I'm really grateful for the time. Awesome and. Will did one last call today Brian welcome to the jab jab jab. Our Ed thank you for having me up I'm very thankful our parent to. Let me stay with them during the hurricane season. Where were you evacuated from. Although evacuated from Richmond Hill which is a boring cherry and they're still I guess they just opened up the road. Well thank you for travels and yet thank you Phyllis in this hour and 41 earlier in the area. Air 4047419400. Of our phone number. There's anything you know grateful for big or small we would love to hear feud that you eight Oro for. 74 line 94 on this silly game. Gratitude refresher it's ridiculous. And their particular thing but the intention behind this for the game and we Kiefer European car. Yeah. He's running get this done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. And spring come a little early enough. You just enjoy and Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.