All The Feels 10.07.16

Friday, October 7th


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When Jeff and Jim and installing naive or blind Tom is brilliant. Feels a hundred million. Yeah show don't. So easy to find negative news in the world just look at the front page of any paper watch for five minutes of any newscast. We did a little bit deeper and to bring you good news uplifting news and urge renewed. Honeycutt and we thought all the fields. I'm so excited about this story to share with you guys have found this one. And everybody here is animal lovers right without a doubt Al Issa on this Sony is story of a woman named penny Howard she lives in Florida. And she lost her dog back in 2008 a four year old terrier mix named. While she kissed the photo of Pia every day for eight. Year's. Team he lost the Dodgers and ran away Warrick. Iran a way out. OK so appear ran away but she never gave up hope she was as sad as she could be every single day but eight years later. PS showed up at a shelter was microchip and they were reunited here's penny for hours. If you find it straight dog. Take them immediately to of that or one of the shelters and they can scan the dog. Because there's another owner. Grieving. And that dog can be returned it it has a microchip. The most important thing for all dog. She was so happy she says she's going to quote. Spoil the hell out of for the rest of her life. I'm a little bit. Again that's always a phone call eight years later aides ears she never gave up your life and that. It I am is really cool article on your BMV. Are about aired in the they're offering three rooms during hurricane Matthew. So if you have friends or family and the South Carolina or Florida area that are on the opposite side of where the storm is hitting. They can offer up their house and hosts are totally freaked RD on the web site. Or if they aren't they can sign up or so. About Tennessee on our news feeds people that are sheltering friends and then around Atlanta area but if you're in the say like your parents on the other side of the states that. Affected by so they can open up our house and the place for you gonna crash who have been this place as the storm also cooled an idea of adding Sokol yeah they have the disaster response tool. That they've eighties before but they've never actually opening up both forest arms and it they've realized like extremity of the storm and he. There is a nine year old girl. You guys who is. Very active typical manual grow the gymnastics and dancing and all that stuff. I if she had a condition and when she broke her leg and age you ended up having to amputate. Eight. And it and I can't. Sharon cruel. Very get a little blue made it apparent that there's just this trend and then me around. She cited about her prosthetic leg that it she has that uses these activities right well her and her mom went to aid dog shelter in. I met Patti who is a Labrador mix who is missing part of her leg is well. So. Avery. I adopted hammy. And now eve freeze Doctor Who makes bigger and bigger. Prosthetics as she grows up is actually also making it prosthetic for Labrador Retriever. Well I'll I'll law. Canny sense. That there was something different about angry Indian terror can Pena finished she feels a little bit more confident. And then the next. Okay. See. I. Like our odds are. It. OK this is a really cool story out of Vancouver Canada that I found for you guys to share okay. Two point eight different crimes have been committed against people in wheelchairs so staff sergeant mark coarsely is his name he went undercover. Is he was going to bust the bad guys responsible so he spent five days sitting in a wheelchair in a neighborhood of Vancouver where these disabled. People had been attacked and he pretended to be disabled and have a brain injury he had. Some cash hanging out of a Fanny pack for people snatch. But it never happened instead he found over the east five days that people gave him money. They brought him food to eat a stop to chat and he said once he thought he had his. Cram a criminal a one point because a man reached out to touch his Fanny pack is a good samaritan who just zipped closed for him and reminded him to be more careful with this things. And he said we wanted to find a serious assault or robbery by. The only thing we found were good people and people wanting to come up and talk with me take my picture and pray with me this is undercover officer right here. The community accepted me very quickly. As being one of theirs and I had an opportunity to hear the stories from different people. Young men visiting from come back asked for permission to pray for me. And his prayers were adamant. For my healing. And errors and. All of you know. There is in the world they're very calm you have a million. Feels it. Did show don't. In case you haven't heard it today. We look down. And no one noticed that colonies on your pants yeah recovery of the jumping ship show star and 841.