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Thursday, October 6th


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They jet engine shop. You need to hey Paul FaceBook trying to post a nasty. God. Nobody died she. So boots. On FaceBook trying to post the US DK okay yeah because I'm better off than. Most of nasty cats I don't. Either way we see and throwing words is what Ramirez goes through the Internet is that vividly. Find news headlines. And you just roll down. And the first comment is generally. Negative. And pearl all. Because what happens is people post nasty down as that nobody else wants to comment on and make whatever and it pushes their radar today. Populist right at the beginning seasons beautiful. Soaring economic kittens or puppies and then some awful right idea that. Here is act any snags Obama went so yeah. So we've put our hater that's ahead try to come up with our own fan favorite hater app. I gen the first one is by request from you we reported on this a couple weeks ago we as if we haven't played troll and since we've reported on it. By but Mark Zuckerberg and his wife organist and up to three billion dollars to erratic aids. Disease. The headline on FaceBook was USA today all. Our number so it Chan it's been three billion. Cured disease. Now we elbow around the room you guys try to guess what the number 18 or comment and you. What about about eradicate diseases. Childhood diseases. By by by giving bill billions may not like they did Friday night ten months Billy. And the lives of terror put an indicator as anybody at any gas is JP up first. How about you spend some of that three billion dollars and eliminating time hop and those not fond memories of my axes. Community. Usually am really hard. One about. And I earned all those three billion dollars now that adds apt to see in my basement feet. And Kennedy backing on him because any stealing ideas for days the ala used all that money is you're the excellent student right now it's this twins yeah. Jeanne you have one that out gonna say something like what's the world coming to that the creator something like eighth but. Managed to get three billion dollars late. That money should go on to somewhere else in the first place and I hear. The comment from a guy named shock and outrage. Ask yourselves how much of that three billion we'll go to the CEOs of the research companies that want near the that I. I'll. Maybe you don't made that three billion to the hardworking families that help you did it by supporting your web sites. People weren't so bogged down with ax. Created a corporation would be. Awesome we have let's take it in the country. Because of less brass felt right yeah and. He's all the yeah. Thanks Obama yeah that and that's all he needed and then I think the a comedy a couple of easy ones. Area. That'll headline. Ford Bronco coming back in 28 team. The headline of the article I'm. Based on. Earth hour bronco coming back in 28 CU dash I got it got so easy. Yeah. Good luck if it doesn't even. And it hater here and there you're working too hard it is OJ jailed. Right now yes yeah. A good look at that as the Specter a quick turn right back. Died in 2016. Broncos out guess is not out of jail OJO Lewis that. Oh wait you. It's easy. For Sox team shabby. Cars getting it. The coordinator that kind of thing you do march because of its old common again. I'm now and I don't think so hard is an addict I got on another reason. Try this Bates cheesy pasta casserole. With wild mushrooms. A sophisticated eight McEntee and got a and why isn't this chemical reaction. Yeah outgunned LV validates you why do you try to eating healthy meaning. Or else they pay try this hot pocket and take admitted that make it delicious he snob now. This means he would tell Jimmy and now they took my health Ulan. Why would you room probably get back and she investment that much room so. Dobbs it's not a troll comment that's true that the have central truth that. The headline and face. Handwritten notes custom made clothing musical instruments. All left untouched. Since princes that. Article about turning out Paisley park and Minneapolis. Into a museum. And so notes clothing and music instruments untouched and the legends that. Hurts comment. I got it. That's discussing this is iron web part in public places is a public place or at least Phelan joined me a little white prints in minutes ago way. But I look inside them I think. It's a real public art means. Out of like the compound like the park outside of his area like his house down there will be. You'll dying Jett and they get a good on West Street knee cleaned up and other polls. I got my hater and I just. Does this to a year ago. Are we still really talking about prince. An election year we should be. Is he dead that. And universally is about that has to be scared them more. Of San Diego Zoo caught four hours later. First. Quality. And every story than that if that's the point for JP and amp. I ain't. Why did you making museum and all of those things can be sold actually need to give it is accurate the paint. Anyway I got one. Why are you making a museum over Draghi he was a drug user. Oh that's that's of hate you hired tea. Patrick. McCormack. Is I meant. Quote left untouched. Hey people it's only been a few months I have a laundry on the. Nobody does. And I actually got a funny yeah so witty hater. And youth. Last. Did you some back story after negative headlines. On head lamp base hospital bills couple 39 dollars to hold child after bird. That's the and I read the article and and basically. There is a fee charged for having an extra. Nurse in the room when Agassi section if you do that in the in thing and I'm a better and well baby comes out the baby right skins and your chest and into it's a day so that's. Beatty writes and it's important bonding the guy was gonna do it article explained. He was gonna hold the baby into this in this game or nurse had to be assigned am. Because because it was C section. The nurse that would sign the mom who normally do that his. Mom because it surgery. Though because and as Kennedy's in this game and he section there's a forty dollar terms. The first comments. Gases hospitals you -- couple 39 dollars to hold on. After birth. Balance these sections are epidemic in this country and there are performed far too often he's doing natural birth at home in about half. What it costs a hundred dollars a case is brand new babies or had passed thank X and each. Andrea. I don't know I don't know I don't evidence of that thing. On top of the 39008. The earth BB. Is worth it. In the past. Women would squat in a field and they get back to work rate after birthing a baby. I need an extra person for safety to remind you not to drop your baby. We as a species. Are we come. You mean today. While you speak trying to put them. Yeah. Dye got. Before law and thanks for waking up when you have been.