Where Is This Relationship Going Greg & Suzanne 3

Thursday, October 6th


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Yeah nine switches on this don't know. Yeah yeah. I know that you've got two chances to score a thousand bucks while you're at work today one at eleven and one act do. To make sure you turn on start and if I won the second you get to work today. Scary rejoining the Jack and James shall we just talked. To Suzanne who he stated on again off again and then she kind of vanished. He wanted to know if this was a permanent. Off again. And it turns out. It kind of is at least for this school here they Gary. Being. Say you heard all that from Sudan my hunch about that. Her job being a teacher and your kid being in her class. That that was definitely yet but it was more about your ex wife. Yeah I mean I don't know I don't know how did that and even. Occurred in me but I guess. It makes sense she she is now the worse so the yeah. You know I that it really doesn't make sense it was she's always saying things like Galileo is kind of you know complicated and cheese Sudan and unlike a lot of she's like she's she's all well like you go if you don't have to do. The unity we chief a lot of this threat that that are alive or whatever. I told it may actually made complete circle center. He bombed. I mean I tell them I think. I guess I guess I got into a routine. And the sense I get concerned realized like I was kind of banking on getting back together instead of just like. I don't know maybe keeping. Who looked out for. Other options that makes sense. But no I scored you know I respect that Fisher. Sorry that happens series. You. Thank you for brain authorities to preach against us and good luck see you. Appreciate it yeah summer's just around the corner. The countdown is on. Ordinary. Choosing this time I like where is this relationship going and other successful episode and the jet engines. There aren't any for one. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.