TBT Best Song You've Seen Performed Live

Thursday, October 6th


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CT you have an artist today look just. No one noticed copies thought enhance the recovery of Justin Jan show starring 841 in honor of the jingle jam announcement that took place this week. Where Augen ago with the cops on the use of seeing reform. Lot of these on the great stories to go along with I what you're doing that day care who you're aware of memory made obviously. I can go first and I have two sons. One is a song that I've seen performed live a couple of times. And every person while this band there live concerts one of the best lunches and plan outstanding. Lack of reform. So I'm the first time I've actually see him do it a couple different times every single time they hit it out of our. Am talking about Atlanta's own background. The devil went down to Georgia as interpreted by the rom and that's in there I aliens. On the second song is. There's a story behind a few years ago many years ago I took my parents to see Paul McCartney. Wayne he came to Phillips arena. And my dad is huge. Beatles. And he Jude is one of his favorite songs and we went to Philips Arena and we thought Paul McCartney and I was sitting. The and it behind my dad that we're sitting and that and that's seats that were like. On the purse levels though he was in the front row Soes and his laughed. Everybody was looking right at this stage. And I've never seen him so animated short sighted or use yet Jimmy sing on he's hanging around his leg. 21 of his favorites on and it I actually started crying and. Okay. Yeah I G when he got. I so my favorite concert dinner on. I waited in line with reference for eight hours in February in Newark. In the cold I got sick. Ended up using the scarf that I was wearing because that was my jacket I am I into the news anchors. And then threw it out at the end. But it was so fit because in high school out that crazy little monsters gallant lady got on. I was only a couple feet from the thing. Yeah Mac and. Canada's. Yeah I hope that's still an event. He and shoot it covered and don't be blood and all the picture. It. I many of a second I mean I uniter you're not gonna. The united elect this superstar slide now include my very responsive I was that. Love struck eight year old infant. How hard yeah yeah yeah. I think I'm better good. I looked really that ultimately. Add. This though her best song. So here's the story years Jeanne story. Eight years older dad carried out if you mostly for Aaron Carter. And ensure that Lady Gaga and watched the show and Lady Gaga covered in blood right. Yeah. And yeah. What he got to me. I got one song pray that this is a period in my life where I had to be front row for every show I went to U. I had to trying to set list after every show I went do you just trying to get an autograph. Even though that didn't happen very often. But this is one of my favorite bands it's actually rounds in Patrick's day you know this on drop kick Murphy. Everybody yeah. Yeah. I actually got invited. A number of these sponsors and I'd rulers agree it's also fun not a huge fan of the remainder anything that I big announcement on I know just make him and ultimately The Beatles and the and repeatedly show up at all. And it's taken a very Boston and then kind of a higher. Dad yeah music. I think she's you've got teams on that there I had to do Obama. This by the way is that throwback. Correct Thursday. And we're throwing back to the best concert we've ever seen in honor of jingle jam which mean. We wanna hear yours too so at the conversation on on pace back aren't you wanna come tells viewers on here from Brit. Mine my the best. That's I think I am really. That's JR yeah. You know so my very first one is my biggest Carol crash ever I love her so much Florence and the machine in. I just wanna marry her best friend and close outing care. I got to see here. I've seen a handful of times now cousins and stalking her she's right at naturally. But see it played out on my 23 birthday which was my Oldenburg thank. Kind of turned 23 on the 23 and I was is riding the whole time friend Ike. Bawling my and I just cry every time easier as she says animal I've she's so powerful. The other ones how weird man from each area residents on. I saw them live at a festival and it just it is him and this is all day some reason logs. Cain you. An angry gods mama mama. The last time. Everybody light and when they talk about their favorite live music is something about it it's in your soul. And isolate. As is like I do think Gaza on saves and a really did what they do it there a lot of. I'm not watch live with that's a good description this show also. I gen Europe Larry I have my it's a really awesome memories. Of great live shows and the first line is when I was much younger and it in a different time and travel how to red rocks Colorado. You guys ever seen a show their you have not have to be on your bucket list because it is set between natural. Red rocks in. Underneath the starry sky so. Imagine this. As you're underneath it's like beautiful. Sky stars everywhere in the midst of the mountains in Colorado. And Agassi Allman Brothers man. You can imagine what it smelled like. About the same as this year. I. A good time. This is magical. Where sometimes I feel like I was born in the round decade I have to. Accident in the seventies gave you guys. I love Brothers and it was one of those magical night I'll never ever forget this announcement really really cool and and my second one is with you Jaffe is with you and my husband grant as we. We moved through the crowd at music midtown black person your music and then came back yet watching. Chris my whole life and. Chris my faith. Phenomenal yeah incredible performer and their personal lives every. It's just aired the night tonight along. Hi there is one memory of that night that you don't remember but I barely got toys the end. I have no idea that we reds are ready to. We went to that concert together and I was single at that time in my deep way is I remember her name which is part and therein. Whenever and you pulled me aside and say not do anything huge there. I got Wallace there respects if I have my back and. Literally. Nine VOK and I hate. It was a wild time at C before children. Both periods. Yeah. And young star ready for a one.