I'm An Adult and I have A Curfew

Wednesday, September 28th


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Does switches on NK. He's here whereas an all over eighteen yeah. I'm an old Arlen. Just enjoy and see our own story no need for a bullet. These switches on in Alpharetta which is where Tiffany is gone for a volumes from the comfort of her mom and dad's house. Activity log into the shallow. All Tiffany is joining the jet engine Shelby. She is a bit of a Della. She you're 32 years old. Democrat or you're thirty years old. Moving error moved recently in with mom and dad to recover from. And bad bad break out in bad financial situation. Everything is. You're lucky album except for her curfew. As I am very lucky. But I definitely am and I left number college and he got a camera the bush brand. And then things ended about your. On the right hand it was kind of financially a little rough. And you know I was an English let that you sign and move back collection area it back coming eat. Yeah like you mentioned that probably the big eaten it hurt you though. I'm selling it. Sending you there can't be home at 11 PM and then writing play 1 AM. And then the other rulers I have sort of the house every day that. I have to random people places about pulling them. Again next intersection and attacked the net. Eat play and and they say that it has the elderly can know that anything you all worried. I understand that insurance. You know I'm an adult. Certainly I don't really know. I don't want to do like I feel like I feel like you know I'm seeing ended their rooms. Island bit and mean I want to live like eating when else. Lived in this situation let me like there are other thirty something a little their parents that we're having similar issue and they can anyone else. Another suggestion and. I'm just curious do you know what the punishment. Would be what restriction you'd be cut nine. If you broke curfew which unique round Gator ethnic costs are no telephone in your room like. Do you know we haven't really discussed that yet because I'm pretty respectful of I think it is really honest. The role and. You're gonna military didn't count or be able you know I I respect that it can't then looking like man living rectory and I don't want. Take advantage. I have and getting desperate and her. I have so many questions that any OK so how well Honda where your parents. In empty nested bliss before you came back now. All of the lake are like almost ten years terrible yeah that and the parents I at the last. How believe that it was perhaps college at eight killings. And older sibling is okay and they have not come back home to live with your parents. Now are good little a little bit of credit and kind. And have you offered to give your parents any money first staying there I mean obviously not meant but are you offering to pay for like Hershey bills are. I mean yeah I I don't know I think I will virtually actually relates directly to have a lot. I I actually they actually have blinders on and my mom they label and created. It's more than it is now I am and I have cleaner and a half. Humility. We do what I am doing I can. You know the same time they are. They want to meet you begin out. You know we're really lucky excellence of the year where they were like lot of you know if you're like what we like you did see that that he couldn't. Didn't part of their style. After years southern you know that you really great and that winning immaculate and I'm so lucky enough why am. And so scoring you know. You're not the only person and Abby welcome to the jet's engines. Hey good morning I can absolutely empathize with her after my the order and I had three markets and hasn't been that my parents. And what did twenty or all of the time I'm 37 now I am not living emperor I'm happier I got a curfew. You can I hold that holds I'm. Yet again and the longer I hate it and a more relaxed they about it. They he did yelled that the white thirties by your hands out how to me. There really got yelled at so. It would mourn today. They finally healthy really understand only had a big heart and heart. They said about the net equity in their homes they were more included in my life and that they thought I was doing and when I was living outside their home I didn't have to worry at night. But because I was in America out they saw me every day they were involved in my life and I once spent there it made America. There when I'm glad that living marriage and it have to worry about it all the time. Everybody he things safety and security as the logic behind. All right. Tiffany we have got a whole bank of phone lines. Lisa log into the Japanese and you know. And I Tiffany is on review which account. Tiffany let me you are actually taking then applied your parent. I mean she's not permit a blow to national underdog. I. I mean honestly that's aware that there are asking are they aren't helping me out. Like yeah they're out there that hobby is really concerned about Q attacking completely understand. Diet. Meaning that the same time that you're trying to save money get back I think he may be that ops re kind of Leila are allowed in a moment. They had that they did because they you can't eight iron about eat you would probably never even understand something different in amateur parent care. Is that they've done quiet now it would mean Alec completely respect that they say you know. It is totally more than market and then you'll probably ever and it. And how many kids do you have a Lisa. Actually actually children and the chicken that's when he came here although he did not have a and only lacking tried very late due. Keeping up with somebody and then my bad I mean she is that Al however she heard the patents he has in Canada saying they respect our rules and it. What do you mean and I look in between Syria and yeah you like Sandra Bullock in that movie. Honestly on acting got app. Really I said she had net family you know than a bad situation. And a better life and we're just. Our heart went out there and we picker and then helping her to eat eat and it's hot angry at wall and it. Frankly he's the long. Yeah I mean it can't. And that we felt like we needed it you win but at the same accountability and each she's not my my biological daughter you have LA at the same time. Like the other lady and including your account each and every day you're concerned you worry she worked very late at night and checked you know. Technically at home even cannot near an end. I think it's a camper hyper technique parent and I that he there and she say it can't bacteria or I'll eat in a very. I thank you for the com Lisa you. I I. Try to make them maybe try to make a blind sedated and she's like yes they are traded them in an athlete you're right. And now you're an Angel on earth and I was trying to poke fun for rates. But sports a Specter of black. What we're ecology trying to push middle on its Santa Paula. Combining. Any viewer on the Tiffany. And yeah I am now. Like what they're going to be settled for. Yeah it's about respect but I don't have a young when he went I don't look at you I got a year I don't need weaker. Log at back and and I'm leading money I helped narrow lead the government how lucky I help out. I mean I checked my mom and glad that she actually encourage you could put a premium might aren't they broke up violently and it really bad. Why you're like oh no different don't you like oh how fun and Eli. I let you know you lie at it that you heard it until texting her being a man. Our time. In the way if you're dating life and magazines like Rudy nearly two at noon and I. But then you know I mean a lot. Don't limit it to that is crazy I mean yeah I mean a lot more to do that honor but I Rick Perry got into the older you know blaming house announced they are now they'll. Yeah well you got a real woman in the go between to your love street ticker. At. It definitely. Samantha welcome British. Eight diet basement. Sorry I like Edwards got Tiffany. I think everybody on the back they may do you think they are you are ridiculous like that but I can't wait seven years. I have Alabama and exactly you can vote yet okay LA Politico did got like the patron of right. You literally get the guy Elliott like go black. Lake. I like can't even though I got they would do that and they are able to get there I think they did I'd like I'll definitely what I really am by. Everything. Outside the badly he blew it did because believe that then they need to correct it. For the cause and effect. Kelsey welcome to show. I 22 years old currency earning a curfew for you. And yet Allen went out 22. I expect you know I paid rent 88 part of the utility. I'll look pregnant at the time. And I'm. I had Kurt is and then I'm different than they job and made that girl we're department we have a bang bang you would like. We have completed a punitive or barbaric at civilian court. And you haven't you. This is apparent. I don't I don't know what I'm saying you weren't like why why why haven't Christie right now. Maybe that's I thought objectivity if you did it rains. Then it becomes like a landlord tenant situation no Orlando I am not a. And there are always gonna be her parents they're always gonna worry and there are always want control of their home and there home environments a control thing race it. That's what about well they don't know when anybody. Making their own rules in their house. You should try that and you should drop at least in San I think it'll be better. You're Landler ten. Now. Yeah I feel I feel like it's and out of sight out of mind seeing it in and went back. They are about to take some comfort in the fact that other people are going to do you act that unique to your family. You can just go to meet the parents they don't care you have or what could Nabisco have hurt if you. What we should've done is find out where find out where recently yes you could just go wander around in front of her I was meant to ultimately. It's not year. And like I've taken it to me. At all Baghdad and I've I. Dye got. I need more law and thanks for waking up when Jeff again.