You Throw Away Money 4

Tuesday, September 27th


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Jet engine shop. It's just been in place and just think that everybody. Outraged. At Philly cheeses habit of throwing away food chain and now and thrown away pennies. What do you view. Record panic attack the said the reason view points driving answers to your dad used to make you roll them yeah needed that. Tracy welcome addition out. Everybody's give it our bridge can in fact. Well okay when my husband and I Britain to Georgia. We get into some really high tying and yeah at least saved up and even get through them into the giant it was just how well a little more like a giant beer bottle put their lives. And we can't save our pennies and like I said he ran into some really hard time we decided one night if they can program. We had a little over a 120 dollar. Since 121008. And 121000 pennies. On the old Lou you are. The old engine map and it didn't even have like a little pre rolled edge. Again you had a Alderman telkom down ally and no doubt in your hands like cardboard front three days after birth. I noticed. Under tornado went and we weren't done and if we went in I remember now at. Unlike out thank god we say about any. Thank you Tracy. He didn't have a good day there are welcome to the show how are you. I wonder are you know talked rate decathlete she's she just got back from throwing a moment and now I asked. I LA. I know when he nine you don't have children and you're not married and clearly you have never. Been war. Yeah. My husband and I had our second trial. Had 200 hill and we owned a small restaurant and we are Le. And there are gay actually Kroger and I've got hurt. Why in week. What I'll I had my children could not a lot around thereby. Hole. I do come are really make me saying. I do come really did your parents they've all the coin you know. I am my dad would be so mad at you heard this right now because he had a change star Amy Adams specifically pennies and one annals silver and the other so. Knew it and my family calls me Nene they guy Nene I can't believe you said that ams a disappointment and yet he would. I'd be in the. I'll tell him. And say yeah now that I'm not pull our I need all our might lie I look at me. Inch inch because my older white Alabama I get that car when I have all that grab. As you called me and my a couple of other to get rid of a police out there are a lot of weight even even on the counter. Wherever you are and then maybe the person behind you that'll help them pay our you know. How it is an burger. Jared you guys though have you restaurant. I don't I don't you cater saying I am a barbecue Qaeda or her. Yeah at my web site at. Southern my dot com I'll I make bomb they do it because I like to eat. Can I ask you this it's very easy to any. Yeah. You probably are gonna need about. I out not. I didn't name me any. Yeah parallel and I'm getting marry me thank you grant my hero. I'm by all its. If you learned your lesson to be exist anymore calls no love to live no. I know standards. All I honestly feel that I. As I pennies are lucky I'm. And I'm waiting for my dad and Colin and I know he's probably listening and Jennifer. Yes down in burning down encourage months. I have to admit that I had done the exact same thing my entire life. At around 08 patty. And I do felt the wrath of my father for years and years even until this day what I meant. Single comment Q the high rate of anyone I was what I did teenager dead but lobby in involved and he is you know illegal. To throw away my. It is isn't it union's foreign money and go into a land ago. That's what I. I eight billion Kelly they're just little an ugly and I don't dirty they believe a word. You know I'd words were holed enough on the banana slice and you had the right idea. I thank you Jennifer and her comment that. I. He's on the phone. Is bad touch our homeland and to do their bit and save your money. In the N news it's meant. Re going to amount. Now he's fighting or runner lite. He's he's cool. It's so funny you better hope it means to. So. At that. Poorly. And my heart is beating it yeah yeah. He's cutie indeed. He's in between time now people can change during. In my although I get the feeling your feelings spanking and not a time in my mommies and Graham bell and like may no matter what can I. My problem come for a youth. I. You really methods. I'm surprised ninth tenth. Or call has. Wood into an automated voice messaging and mobile. The mailbox is full and can. Yeah OK yeah. Yeah. That given this. Yet. He. Built Cheney's well and they had a panic and you can that's usually. Are not before one okay turn it up. And Justin Jan show all of now.