You Throw Away MONEY 3

Tuesday, September 27th


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shelf ol' ball we got to revisit a conversation that started last hour they have. People all sorts of fired out. People are mad Kelly cheese. Because she's rich. I remarked early this morning. About odd of customer in a raster as food out harassed. If starting. Point rowing away hurt. I pick up and grown up with mercy and in the garbage can and I saved. You just throw away money is now who's just point. Like. Is money. And not paying. And have. This came up I like all of blown away and give the woman that that'd. Restaurant. Cashier on object and the you know. I younger the younger you know all the time. He. Genes can. Yeah I ain't got time and. I seem SP Riggio. Yeah quarters Nickels and I mean if you don't carry around and its annual quality in its oil penny to our. Some day take the Coinstar turns and but you dismissing it. Please. 40474194. Support us in our argument and I was happy. The C. Our engineer. Scott trap you remember him he did that the bad review for when due to a different salt your marching down here. Wrote an open Kelly's studio tour and is eight atop the what did he say. He says you talent actually sent an herbalist in accidents is that if you have a one at the rally pennies again mom and a bucket on my desk with a so they can't get ahead and let it. And I'm throwing money well looks like it's been sitting there for a couple years. How many germs and a bucket opinions and became had so much money in there probably like our dollars and thirty sevens and give him money and pennies and our dollar bills. Or hundred pennies make or dollars and that is it should it believe me if I'm unhappy and civil airing after I thought. It doesn't on a vending machine and afford part of all right to a lot of vending machine Kelly and promised here. But you can't opinions in and machine that's our earlier collar counties like say the silver was angry. They've been so hurt them. But honestly even you know here are you are one component at times change and it. There are hundreds of people listen in right now looking at a dirty coupled with nasty change and I will take out there now. Yeah because his right. Well armory on on their money actually cash. I media welcome Jeff intention. Semi I'm. Back and panic or any older like I tell somebody where trash. It. National all in this event this is to. I don't know where logic and you now I'd like I'm in any backing aren't at a charity jar. LA yeah I can't say yes she she added that it I think it that they diet. Everybody Jan is that is while the these government. Kelly chief. The media. If we change tonight. I think eight. Kelly Pat's Matty get back in. Yeah I grant Hansen and an aunt and good. Averted talking to you. Such. Tell you pack on. An. In and out there. Operate at the floors or any. Our enemy. Well that let me play carries theme music. Lives I had had targeted. I can't in any lucky keeping it how many millions. Please don't do it happens as it. I didn't know or maybe everybody has created column any. I. Don't think I would have to do that I think there's a good chance that Scott is in a leases office right now because HR here and is like. How do we make this happen that's okay. Yeah definitely got things back. Actually do it our all of the NHR permanently RI and Obama to look at a derailment eating. On the fifteenth. Of this month if you don't he's got the morning as he picked up your agent. And he is deriving from bank branch of bank branch of bank and lighting up all the things that they're ready to get rid and Brittany welcome addition out. Okay and any. It. Money they're not saying it's it's and my knee. And no matter what it is I had a that they act you know. Darn in my in my head and I all of lightning in the. It perfect and when you're in college candles on. I I I. Hired an 88 that built. The campaign. Her name and math science. Seventies music. Allowances it. You have to save money. This is your pants I went on note. Broke a I have changed our every year he won money changed our role. Now remember we talked about things in. I don't like brown paper. Hate this now count paper. Rolling plains while it's my favorite thing ever and I'll brown paper in dirty nasty but did you learn from your rather they yeah. I tell you. My dad you. So that means now Michelle Odom is now. Talk rate to Cali. I yeah I don't know. I'm happy they can't hack I'd crack pay attention every year but. It pal and I. Go vacation yeah all silver chains or is it pinning him. It didn't hit it blindly pro I didn't buy it every day I certainly yeah. I. Got a dollar and and we're going. To require yeah I don't. This pastor they had the greatest. If the greatest seven hours and a lot to do that anybody can. It's four. That aren't here now. Money. While and I am having second guessing of an excellent and things. Air of say this though our media has not been out up there on the planet and that's the activating the advisories be only companies. Like it's a step back and allowed. She's running get myself in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Spring come a little early enough they just enjoy and Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.