You Throw Away MONEY 2

Tuesday, September 27th


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It's daunting. Seen here wearing an all over eighteen yeah. On an overlay not. Jeff Inge and shell and stolen the line. They're just talk radio. Kelly cheese and a few minutes ago. I I told relayed a story about somebody who threw away point. The squeeze on real money let us. Jeff welcome to the jet engine jet. Today. I I don't throw away I. Entertaining. Tinker around the world and I don't drink water drones yeah. I called the bill would change. Up until they change nine Hertz and that that's. Thousands of dollars in yet Jeff Thomas told me about it you never touch them as I just only. Yet he never touch and just take today it is Brodeur in the. It could someday you can actually take. Everybody's Chris presence by turning its chief yeah I got a trip Kelly and throw them in the garbage. How tired you know what I realize. During that last. Song is that we should they or any means. And I just hang out again garbage man who do we call. Does that leave an eight. Gator aid in any imminent hanging out near the ranch hand and had to and it is paycheck hammered. Cargoes welcomed the shallow. He's thrown away from. And we don't loophole that let uttered a little more Kurdish you read my pocket and it changed. And she and her big bank and she is about whether they are among. How old how old is your daughter Ireland. I'd tell you cheese there is a seven year old who is more fiscally sound. Cell welcome to this yeah. Go on and welcome welcome to the rock of this starting money because you're so filthy rich. I. Up to I could go to the pro bowler caught in the news. It's well that I did more considerate Clinton would do would dispute like lead among the top of an expert on the album and I did I'd like Protestant vote where their total past. It's not. Pay it all. Right it will work in you know what I thought its probably terrible karma. Like you're putting it in the universe yeah you'd do that need money. Ideal woman who picks up every coin that she finds she except every single going that you fines. And then I'd doesn't like leaves and bank owners or whatever because she wants to attract money she paid in the secret. Jaws attraction yes issuance attract sushi will never. Yes it does the same thing like him if she leaves the store. Ever leave the store and realize that on hand in opera man or it and give me. Who upon what yeah whatever double charged you for your great power save you money. OK but if you've got out there yet double charge you for the great yet and I rang out right she will go back 100% of the time. Because even though winner and it's now worth right. Dollars. I MTV Imus viewed as she thinks leaving money on the table Errol. Is that it doesn't matter if you're rich like cheese yeah the way region Fannie Mae. Well over the jet engine ship Cali. I and I'm Kelly I grass lay my. Yes well Merrill all I did go crazy ranges. And do arena like my whole life I clean my area I'm a few lately I haven't tracked back right. I Ireland. It. I would give you a piggy bank and you can just let them in the bank and that it acts are. Fifth I'm right there. Earnings. Our advocate I would just have. Handful and he's not in recorders. Have now you can put the waiting game that yesterday this Brazil's there. And it's wine. But him with a bit of vending machine. Are what you can put him under. And now. Kelli thank you for your than the things not made any yeah I. Like I'm on drugs or something that happened and why it's happening here. All. I want you go back and listen to the club the seven year old EF. Oh probably month parted my father would get a he. And she I'll still are far.