You Thow Away MONEY 1

Tuesday, September 27th


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Yeah I express. Pulls. Japanese yen shelves are eighty or more I have been inadvertently. Driving Jana hobby not so. For the past two or three free pizza and I'm sorry it. A little peek behind the planning of the jet engines show as we schedule we plan. Know some of the things that we're gonna do and talk about let me have this list of like other topics that I could throw out there and on this list. Has been throwing away coins and it's similar for weeks and we he breezing by it next day shows up again next nations might. What is throwing away points I was actually thinking about it over the we can while my grocery shopping and why I think about this is that you have to study. What is this story behind it. Those three words that have been on the schedule for week. Throwing. Away. Coins apparently. It's that thing. So I was at a restaurant the person in front of me. Got their change right and I and their receipt. Took their bills. And then crumpled up the receipt with the coins and threw in the garbage. And I say to that woman in front of me and I say woman probably like. Late teens early warnings of a pack and I know it is truly change and he has now I just threw it points. To which I wasted Baird dumbfounded. So she moves away ice about that cow honor and the guy working behind the counter says. Yeah a lot of people do that now. Look tiger what are you talking about India's. I would probably say. One out of every 101 out of every twelve customers. Under the age of thirty throws a whale declines might in the garbage in the trash to go to Elaine hell yeah. And the woman behind him says yeah I throw away pennies. Really yes I. Row I don't pay money. One idea I did make reference Clark Howard totally current. There. I'm. Not money money points that's quite a runaway points are money money love. And I can't you know when you're trying to how much money money claims are we near the vending machine you know you've got his morning. Now I am or I'm vacuuming and there's a penny on the ground donning pink eyes back. Garlic and nine's crazy I just honest way to go I want you like right away as Cheney. Hanging out how many takes to make a dollar I hit 100 of them are pretty clear on that yeah. I just understand thrown it away as owners campaigning ahead honking and. So how much change will you throw away at a restaurant. Florida but wherever retail whatever it Germany and act like thirteen cents on the site just keep it another item. But it it's more than fifty Aki. Lessons they've G edge or religious unless there's a quarter and then you're like man there's whereas alcohol innings it is really to me. Really yeah I went to started sipped our you'd actually thrown in the trash Rosie and I feel route during pennies and into Jarvis and I hate them semis I'm in the bleachers I eighties than mine it aren't the problem. You. You would not throw them away and money. It's isn't it seems pretty economy on the I have this thing my daddy's acute change our own little and every year criticism like billion extra money from the change jar. But I had to roll those points and I hated Roland points will have got this beautiful machines. That Russia so Reno and Coinstar. You don't you tell him who theme yeah. Right. Amount and have them take eight point 9% heavier going in and throw them away any 89 as and. I do not get this now while OK so. Is this really think it's apparently a apparently thank. Kelly she says it and they've person at the restaurant. Did it the woman Deanna counters like dagger to pennies you've never does have dirty Venezia Carly just like high heat that space is mainly snow. I guess current is rages Kelly yeah and raised in pain there and. May get her reign have high roller detonated may have heard saying. It's Clark I don't know what that there's a couple from my answering in I don't know what they are we dictate. Three minutes mpeg of these phone calls in and see if there are people who agree review. Against either of the people's 40474. Or 9400. As you like to throw money at play. I really do you cannot detect Clark have an ambulance are you listening this early are you listening rate now. Looks rides here he will what you're asking to work with them and I'm a little you would not happen I had 4047419400. Of you on the way and I'm disk charting. Corning speeches. Apparently they're not real money. If anyone agrees have you Kelly tees that we and the radio and three minutes Jeff contentious started before. He's running get it done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Straight coming overload off the jet engines Yahoo! on starring Betty Ford Lola and.