ATF 09.23.16

Friday, September 23rd


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Big Japanese game show host. On starring Eddie for one had gone 200 million. It feels Helen billion. Did show don't. There's fit into the weekend with some good news stories make you feel good let's take a quick second down recap the past sixty minutes of this happened and we started out to argue about people who put their hands because they'd gummy bears. It's on their reviews becoming very views that we celebrated Kelly she's hurt that she thought. And that we talked about people who aren't complicated relationship. And now we're giving you a name. Yeah a little better everything. Every manager and it would about the day true varieties. For me actually it's not. Oh. Anyway. If 29 year old single mom in New Jersey. Started a charity for years ago that provides food it's a low income family. She can make with this 100 and it eat meals using wine at twenty dollar bill. Because she is passionate about extreme. Coupon. I love that. She was originally going to Costco and his final burst out there you know like. Buying it and ball but when she got under extreme ironing. She's been able to navigate the rules in the coupons and negotiate stores. And now for twenty dollars she can feed almost 100 and if the people. And sheer goal is to feet 30000 people by her thirtieth birthday which is next that is so cool person there shares of the extreme group honors me and seven aghast Benjamin how's that. Well with toilet. Amazing. What it was one of those guys add on June was in some extreme coupon and throw out acts that can't think anything with that camera remark and those. If you receive Internet literally that train track ran over their back and right so I always can have that common denominator of sports right that the romance JP your exports at a ball and well this is all the feels. Good. Most got I'll take the majority of guys in bond over sports. Night. And that acts. Save the guys' flight in South Carolina out because he was feeling very depressed and making. Some plans to. Potentially. He was sitting on the side of rates will that go with that case and so a police officer and South Carolina. Just was trying to obviously talked enough allege the average nobody literally tot month. Literally talk about alleged and nobody had been able to do it but that's one of the officers started talking. About sports I watch a football. It dame. And it felt the Redskins. They play Sunday. Not sure. How much it is skins played at. You're watching college football. Yeah. Now I Carolina stand. Yard gallon than. Itself. They cavities so this dude it was me. A pleasure seeing how my dynamic and my bills and. It's so sweet by the end of it by the end of all of his questioning he actually get the guy to start talking about football back and forth. And sure enough Watson off the bridge saves his life. True story as and that's a great story but true story is a nines. Sports fan. There is nothing. More stressful. Enemy and having a guy start talking to me about sports and it happens more out and the if I'm the day if I'm attitude of the amended and check in now only at the grocery store it departments are this deal happen. I was buying shoes. In a sport I'm Brian you deserve it anxiety and panic and ice. And IFB in your ear right well in director you know I'm microphones in his opinion here I can help you through those conversations. And so the guys like. A man it and all of our whatever. You're thinking they're talking about birds and bird sanctuary into something. I don't like it though. Some police officers in California surprise. Bank Jordan Duncan out with a new bicycle. After learning that this guy nineteen years old. Would walk few hours to and from work every day. On his card died and he had to make the commute on foot because he would news. You humbled to ask people. Arrive. I've been walking far distances since I was about ten I don't wanna feel. Like I'm a burden to people so. I'd take the initiative to. And myself and my own way to where I need to go from point eight of 24 hours the I got used to walk and you know it's not hard to walk. I'm one of the council is strata mine in some of that this block and every single day down this road and see if he needs a ride. While he was given a variety he heard the story. About this it was impressed so unibody autumn of bicycle. It just happened to be. Going down industrial when I saw him walking at that point I was like who want to jump in here right now. There's not a lot of eighteen year olds out there that have this dedication this work ethic and we just wanted to make sure that he knew that how much I actually appreciated what he's doing. You know. Not all officers are bad news byte is. My best friend my best friend right here to Ireland is by. I and it hit a technical. I write this on TV all the feels a ten year old named Thomas More lives in Maryland and about two years ago he saw a video on FaceBook about a little girl. With cancer would Los all of her hair from chemotherapy treatments and he told his mom at that moment he said mom I wanna grow out my hair and donated. She said OK so he grew out his hair. And just this month he got cut there was enough to make three wigs for advocates at Johnson says suites and that's how we give you. All the fields. It is for the millions. Feels how resilient. Did show don't. If you have some then they would fit all the feels send it to see your friends on social media. Or you can profits in email and weaken it included in next week's edition. Of all the fields making way over to star Andy for one. Atlanta at dot com. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.