Jennifer Aniston VM 2

Wednesday, September 21st


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Star in 941. That's. Did you these later on in the fifties if you have any lead force FaceBook page it is. Jennifer Aniston's phone blew up yesterday after the news that Brad and Angelina in court voicemail couple. There by the way we know her her phone numbers three when the only very very. I'd you warn karma. So. We decided that we would we read all take people who are and Jennifer Aniston's lives and re enact the voice now. Left for so let me go first here is tired eyes. Can't. The and and. Hi it's Jennifer Lee has its unless you're calling about my hair. In that case an up and hobby you're 1998. There has been asked and that way. The route. Could. As every calculator. And and. Hi it's Jennifer Lee as it's a much calling about my hair. In that can you thing happened hobby you're 1998. They said destiny and Amaechi damage earlier message about how much let you. Yeah eight X Ernie and and maybe calling back it's digest and we may bounce. And there. Hi it's Jennifer Lee has its much calling about my hair. Enacting an up and hobby you're 1998. It's. Hey it's just and I just relate you know I found an apartment. Yeah. Ago probably need that. And now. And is that the couch from the second guest room. A crash and then entities from so. A it was canal and that's the brand. Who you have counted. Favorite person ever Chelsea handler you know they're BF that aussies. And and I'm. Hi it's Jennifer Lee has its much calling about my career. In that thing up and hobby you're 1998. And it's Chelsea list. Yeah that's a of and you air and went out. And Martinis. In my house. Or ethnic. He did Reagan beat. It opium. It would take according to call idea David tremors. And it. And didn't. Hi it's Jennifer Lee as it's a much calling about my ear. In that case an up and call the your 1998. I mean again. And David Schwimmer from friends and those roles. To see if you got a message from the mood you don't. Real quick you that this song in a member is number. Curtis as the listen to my car. Quote. You don't. By. Now and then come. Like everything is that. And is the right kind of freaky yeah Schwimmer. I genealogy. And from her dog generator isn't done yet. Since you would. Panic there's their act and all went. All in paid me. And you. And. Are at. The 98. Wonderful perfect only comes back home mom it. And don't let your. Date. And daily. Leading. Calorie burning up and the biggest. Thing. He'd break in and have done just that about I'd. Eat it. Late comeback a comeback and I think. Often. If you need if it's an eight year. Ha ha ha. Because his. I carried Alan and wrap it up and I got team. Just and I guess is. Hi it's Jennifer Lee has its much calling about my hair. In that case can happen Toby you're 1998. Jennifer birdsaw I was you know. Lindsay is the greatest sick on the multi this downtown by the way incredible energy. A call today to tell you to take solace in the fact that even Angelina Jolie can keep Brad Pitt and cheating and there's only one reason because evil winner. All around the gold pit where you have the chance. Anyway. If he CNET TV girls are already very Google says she's almost as an act. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.