Jennifer Aniston VM 1

Wednesday, September 21st


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I am happy for law and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen. The world's stock. Yesterday. I was in the hallway here at the radio stations and there are ways. Announcement made at a ranchers I'm here breaking news. A. Angelina Jolie has filed. For divorce. Brad Pitt even have their copy machine went silent. Just our topic wasn't just Atlanta well the whole world went like this yesterday evening time. And the thing is everybody immediately. Talked about. Pregnant between bad and they immediately. Went and talked about Rachel. Jennifer Aniston of course. Well as the original. Mrs. spread it into all Angelina Jolie and swoop her away. Until they did mr. and mrs. Smith. And that was obvious I was about to happen if you saw that movie there they found that you know if helmet about a year report comes out so yeah. Also it is the onset of one day and you issues and beat now aren't Angelina a B and. And RCA's imovie oh my gosh some of the scenes in there are ridiculous. It's a steamy. Anti government is wondering was she fist pumping it was not a means of Jennifer and since it's picking. I think what we should view should they give people. Like Brad Pitt's mom is still in. Yeah it Brad Pitt's mom really like Jen better and stayed friends that are. I George if you believe this rumor George Clooney Oprah Winfrey's. A lot of people so what we've all done as. Thrown some names into acts. People who are in Jennifer Aniston's life where augmented ESCO around the room. Drop out of name in in wall imagine. What the voice man now with found that the person is leaving. Yeah so she's going through her voicemails check them would be like. What came from each person. Offers Sarah. I joined George Clooney. That's me George Clooney leaving a message for Jennifer Aniston and putting us back in so we can have multiple burst okay. George Clooney Brad Pitt press friend. And her Jennifer. The food and good. And. Hi it's Jennifer Lee as it's a much calling about my ear. In that can listen up and call the your 1998. To. Pay Jennifer are George Clooney here in this and don't think too ill of brand. That really an adulterer. He's just putting together a crew of ex wives for a heist in the casino. Eight Marino or need a roof. X and. Next. And and and. It's annoying. I it's Jennifer Lee has it's a much calling about my hair in that things can happen Toby you're 1998. Page and it's Brad says hey. This might be reared back. I know you've always want kids and I got a ton of them so maybe we can hang ID that you sun man may V. If you I fear of MTU. And they need some help here ethical. And custody things in Iraq what do you think Connie Kay and I. Aide saying it midnight picnic. I next if and writer. The end. And. Hi it's Jennifer Lee as it's a much calling about my hair. In that case and up and hobby you're 1998. I notice is hard but you guys suffocating man already and I want you to run out a way chastened Brad and you know me. I love Brad. If it was my choice I have Brad every day. I don't brat. Every morning and noon and at night. I'd ruin my life for just a little slice of Brad. Let's stay strong honey. Thanks John that we want. Yeah ever adding yeah. Maria any audio blog oh yeah against. Oh boy it. And yeah. Hi it's Jennifer Lee has its much calling about my ear. In that case an up and call the you're 1998. It. He needs David Schwimmer. You know. No Ross member Ross. And the court said that it couldn't call you anymore. A reluctant to go there soon left. All news silica here. I'd say the boys would not a good contact. I really didn't convince. Judy in year out yeah. And I. And to me. I it's to have her lead as it and that's going about my ear in that thing happened hobby you're 1998. It. It. It's meant that. Just going to take hello Brad England you let me ask you remember the movie twelve month it's about time travel. I just did this all night together. Mail only again. He. Love you are not there. Mom. We get it around. And that's another let's play a song. Maria fight song that we get to edit page content that Brad and Angelina. We'll go whole world. Morning ended here on advanced. I I'd like a memorial service and marriage I radar you can you can be your DJ gay and walking job is headed down. It doesn't Gomez perfect right. Company or aren't any yeah. I. Oh. And young. Still are ready for a one.