WTBS Music Midtown 1

Friday, September 16th


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For making this lynch and Jessica show shall certainly are. They even have weeks and now it is finally here music midtown is this weekend at Piedmont park Saturday and Sunday and the lineup looks and Affleck. Pop star 941 artists are going to be there 21 islets and be there live many years I should James bay. And of course that day in the game there and the I. In September for its cooler weather is going to be hit back at it like a ton of rain in the forecast. So it's going to be a lot of fun and weenie. Right now and that your last chance music midtown to date festival passes on the line vote. Just gonna give them and I can do it easy right I can just do the right collar we're gonna make you work for it. And we are gonna have our game of when the beats and here is how this works we're gonna get to listeners and if he's got our contestant lined up and ready to go out. OK let's talk to Brittany are right now. I. Hey are you ready to go to music midtown this weekend's. OK we are gonna make you work for it and you are going to be competing. Against Alexia and does not Alexio welcome Jeff show. All we are dead and really excited to hear you too belted out OK so here I am a big tea or practice all week solid one compete stops so. Pretty self explanatory look at last song for you when it's not you keep saying. OK. Okay yeah. And I audit you keep saying if you get it right at your points and we move to the next round the next song if you do it right. Next contestant. Who gets a shot to steal the point and the first to theory is scoring column ran a music marathon today both. At I had an. We've gone for irate. Let. You you just that are able Alexia go first NC. Alexia. This is your point you just keep on seeing you clear you gut. Am I'm gonna be ready to throw it yeah. Like every we don't know I don't know. It's not quality of your singing and the lyrics the UK. So I think on elect. Eureka song hit number one is free. Dale hideaway ready. I'm already at tech. 321. Of these. It's ten. And yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. An outlet for Alexi the residents on JP eight. Odds I Y a and what we've got for you Britney it's your chance you ready. Yet twice I ain't. We've got Outkast will pay California. I. The hurry. Select our right now we are back Alexia are you ready Alexia. I already your son nick by any ocean DNC. Appearing midtown. He ran all day and laugh. Which itself campaign has done that a dangerous game. Rory I. You think she can take the. And so. A lewd. You oh yeah. Not right and this gives me the chance to steal. Take Britney. Saying on here yeah DNC. But Mo so campaign as that a dangerous thing. Sure yeah yeah yeah yeah. On her and that there may be ocean and. Well it all goes well. Are those still 11 and do what song is being answered yeah. Let's pick Greg clear Kelly is says I yeah yeah yeah yeah I keep on hoping and will eat cake by the hey here goes Oakland where Robinson around numbers. I. Why are around we are back to election. Are you ready you are a little cash won the 19. Period. It's in. He's he's. And yeah you. Just. Do we need to learn that I. I am loving Canada. Well I think about one point comments on our let's go. Let's go to the next one. Ready Britney. We at hey Britney you weren't taking on when he won pilot. Songstress down here ago. Thousands are terrible. Yeah. It's someone. Yeah Max. Good god. Okay. Mom who say. I ain't. Much I. And hello. Here's I. Mean they. Well I take it I'll come right here and yet that's I'm right is written on nine. Oh my gosh yeah yeah Alexia is on the line with stressed out when he hears your shot to steal. Holds. The bulls. Yeah. And so I am. I am a man we're seeing. Lately and now. That. Yeah and yeah. So. And I. Aren't there raining when the beads are seeing. As soon as. I am on. All of China didn't nation. Yeah. And I know yeah I. Truly. I don't like to hang on. Mean it's a more information and if you think it's in your hand you're gonna have a great weekend is coming off early and we. Have. You. Can implement it's it doesn't answer our nanny for a lot. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.