WITRG 3 Gabi and Jordan

Friday, September 16th


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CC you have an artist today look just. No one noticed companies thought enhancing discovery of championships. Show stunning 841. So we just wrapped up it where is this relationship go away you know by talking to Jordan and get answers for daddy tour does not yet illegal using an on earth there on this area like a lot. Gabby is new friends of Jordan paid snap channel and she was hoping this is going in the flurry direction that he shouted yeah he pretty much an loyalists at which is awesome that's respect. Respectable but yeah that's our went by his you know you know that he's got a girlfriend mean even hypothetically didn't wanna crossing boundaries. If you'll disrespectful ports as Auburn which school pals and I. So Gabby you're listening in on that when you think. You're loud current plan discipline and turn. But you know it it reaffirmed think that integrate I am like it maybe anxiously elite. You know needs some good thought and you know being immoral and that. Will add that my. On that and his. I am and it I mean I'm not intimate relationship side shedding certain to meet I didn't like it in your mind and pregnant. Yeah the part well. If you found a spark with Jordan and you find yourself more excited to go to coffee or lunch with hammer more excited snap chat with him and you are with your own boyfriend that just. To me means. In the boyfriend got a bead right now. We'll have yet learned that they did not get bigger than during that it would report written you know line. You know if I get the kind of open as late what I could easily edited. Like Red Hat Annie and I ain't and I I think that I want to build that come about because that's an act. I am. He will compliment to you he lives I mean I know I mean how does it. Oh. They're out there and hang out of his friends that. Are you got some real local friends do you sound like and I act. And they travel in packs yeah you know by the fact that I mean. Well Debbie thinks you're bringing it to the jet engines and I guess that's another. Successful as this relationship going for and then suddenly addict. And the good luck and little. Yeah well these days. And definitely talent. The. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.