WITRG 2 Gabi and Jordan

Friday, September 16th


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So are in 941. Where is this relationship going we are about to find out for Q and he. What Jordan thinks of bear relationship. And she just sold chili cheese and I about the story and and we got about all the facts straight right yes she's been our relationship with map for thirty years things kind of I'm known as hill like stale stay I guess for the past couple years she doesn't feel very attracted to him anymore. And in this and Jordan comes in the plane and she's got this innocent flirtation and as she's kind of trying to figure out is it in the sand is there something here. Because he is also in our relationship that is kind of sticky situation. It is so weird and a place that call and make the uncomfortable question hours and not hearse you mean I'm an enemy yeah. I am very exciting there is hitting for Jack and get it out and biggest advocate for his actually part. So I somebody's got to Kelly thank you thank you actors and actually six. Okay Gabby so you hold on and you'll be listening and as we called Jordan I. Costs are eight. Hello. Is this toward. The yes speaking age organizes tendencies of the jet engines and how aria. OIAEA is done and Harry and I and I'm no sir I do it's let's go on your game content on our calling yeah. We. We met a friend of yours her name is Gabby you know Gabby right. And again. Okay so again the ones in no way you guys have going on like what exactly is going on the team it to you because. Now gone coffee days and lunch and paint and things like that. And we know that she's in our relationship and we know that your and our relationship but. Is there something there between you two. Did not know I don't mean. Did they dealing machinery here about moderation by the thought you were just really kind of friend you know just hanging out and nothing really else you know. I think she tells LA tears she just felt like me it was a little bit flirtation. Added into. Your conversations. And so that's why she wanted Kelly kind of call you and figure out where is this relationship going we know where it is now but it could be going in different directions. Imagine that and I appreciate also Monday we we have a lot of cop in common she's beautiful she's so uneven. Then again I'm not and I'm durable relationship a no problem. It's kind of bored and just not been very out there were just reference and the thing. So are you happy inner relationship that you and now. OK okay because I think we get the vibe from her that she's kind of checking out ever relationship. And no wondering you know if your in the same state. But now on foot are none at C station yeah I guess whom you know there we be talking. She told me about Serb militias and I can touch you this. The Italian coriander and kind of get kind of lived with it and but I don't. Yeah again I'm unhappy in mind I don't know and I am sorry and I don't wanna. Yeah and my relationship turning to night that I had to Lima. So aesthetically speaking if they don't word out Jordan's girlfriend and and there weren't at gab es boyfriend. What their potentially be something between Internet via. And then again and it's rough cut of one. A running against TC also just beautiful. Mean maybe you know Ida it is sort of play hypotheticals and B. I unit. You mean they're about. Hash here's this guy. And protect ethnic. Trillion Demi may be there could be so much he seemed like she's good she's also also girl she's. You know cute bedding like he didn't get over it like it a hamburger. You know I'm I'm already chemical can force. I. I. I get the right the easy every night that Jordan have one last question for you and that is does your good friend know about your friendship with. No no it is not now. Use of that and a little town that town I think we're getting them here. Did it seem like it's it's off innocently they would caromed. And it comes up Levy in berg talking and then we have blond shouldn't. This kind of government never really came up with my girlfriend I don't hear reason for it to come out we've never. You know it would never really crossed the line you know Gabby and I would never we'd been friends we never an easy bet there's been thirty back in court it'll admit it. And that again is no you know gray area drink in my that I need to confess my girlfriend I just really never brought it up. By your matchup for him. Yeah we're at our feet and that's Ericsson me. It'll Danes are. Snapped stats. And things you can see Britain's second and currency you know. So would you girl from the outset is she found out about me or that you guys are friends on snapped maybe things she used in on snapped. I don't I don't think so. I know I know that by this match and it gets but I mean. These are great shake up all my sister my mom I'm not just. Yeah how. It didn't. Thank you so much for agreed to come on with and and hangout with us this morning we appreciate it. There aren't any time you're listening tonight appreciate it have a Galen. Back. I we come back in about three minutes here we are going to attempt to Gabby. Listening in to bat and I here's. You seek. Answers to our questions we'll do it in an ex jet engines start and for one. Shia star.