WITRG 1 Gabi and Jordan

Friday, September 16th


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Going 941 okay Terna Nande. Justin Jan shelf all the Jeff is in Las Vegas but we are stilled and where is this relationship going and Kelly cheesy and coming out this yep round do I can't. Second exhibit an army lines to right and so where is this relationship going is the question that we ask on behalf of someone else it's awkward question you always on the note you always want to answer to it. But you don't always going to be the one asking price that we ask Laurie and you're in India asking to campaign on via a home yeah. Are right so we are going to be just on behalf of Gabby they had GAAP. Colonel Ariel. We heard dad how are you. And yeah and can't say that you know sex thank. Cool we'll tell us and who are we calling today and what's what's. And paint. Any learn Colleen I am I door and and hanging terrorists I won't own arrangement that threat how the area we will ask my girlfriend and and and their relationship churn out sounding a bit angry and he's. Are terrific man and my family unearned. You know it's that everything that my father would stay. In all that that fast but Ernie and industry here at generation get. Started signing class. Saying. And I guess. I don't I don't think that I had ever really. Loved and then the and the way that I need. I'm used. Now. Well. Let Aaron but it and they smear is because my family and friends a lot and then. Not at LA I can't like learn a lot and then that it read like com event they can be a ticket tag everything. Diet after each area that I make no run campaign. And it's not much information and that like you know and didn't even like it. Sure are. So this is what is your boyfriend and you guys are still together. Or. So I wondered is it or implement. Okay it's and so darn and heck. During the name Matt at that caught in trap quite aware. Hang on the and that I feel like it out of the late start it out a very content innocently. You know need be let's backtrack saying and I. After a month Jeannie and I even rent an area Gary and I. He's very area and and I mean. You think I'm in bringing an and and and so it's kind of it sort of day that here is certainly developing about Blake also I am feeling like a little bit. Terror that weren't there it word by and don't you know me and my feeling there's our little granola. Okay. So you want us to call matter you wanna sit called Jordan and. I'm Brooke I I was wondering if you can it get college tour and and I was wondering if you know let's. Me hack. He's also an area have. You know like our congregation has become like really psyche shared that it. You know he really eat lunch counter diet many Aaron. He's intent right and now he's really cool and so on. And get wondering if yes he. Has very early banging. It it might be able. Odd that her meet and app wit that. Okay have you kissed a jordin Arab Al talked about anything like that I am. Any any physical anything. Like that not like the color ally making opulent looking at laughing in my regulate you eke out there at her and like you know like all. You know in quotes an aren't lying in my output like. No I know crafting any kind of boundaries or anything back there it's like a debt bringing it definitely it out like Eric. Something going. Its authority armed that night and we've got loose in the lead. A I add. Right caddie well this is how it works we gonna which holds a hand. In about three minutes we are gonna come right back we will call Jordan while you're humbled and you can listen and to what he says and we ask George and your new friends. In Franklin award. In your friends weird is this relationship going will do here in three minutes on the Japanese and Stan for one. Star in 941.