Jeff's Wedding Survey 4

Thursday, September 15th


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Going 941 okay Terna Nande. The Japanese yen shell. Jenn hobby is loving. Making me squirm. But it's getting to you and Cali. And I think it's focused so far we've been going through these questions that Jeff and callies winning a fishy and our friend Mitchell asked them. To prepare before some conversations with him and I think it's really cool to learned that you just really are on the same page. You have met last it was a little scary you're pretty knowingly and love. And it doubles as they grow older together sir to lookalike. But I think my brother and his wife were starting to look alike because they are best and it's been so much time together cry out I think you guys are going to be the exact same couple. Okay just to get a little IRS and I had a lie and Alan you're going to be. I think we just aggressively on a blouse felt her backers of the good thing for me as a bad thing for her. It just checking this out we've been asking Jeff these questions he's answering them live and I previously talked to Kelly and recorded her answer so he's gonna hear them for the first time. Her answers the same question they read up question five what is your definition of family and what does it look like. Odd that definition is easy day I'd definition of family is supports. Like I said Branson the previous question. Are one of the previous questions is I am really great examples in my parents. And watching. My dad be supportive of my mom threw an illness that she had threw for most of my life. And that to me is the example of a family you're seeing it now weigh in with you and and Reese that you and grants. I remember you told me rate of one of the first things like infinite busier and hostile I think even before you knew you. Where what was. Rhesus future. I remember you saying that you had a conversation with grant he said Hayward and dig down we're gonna get through this and we're both gonna have these days and bad days but were each other person yet you have for Reese philosophy each other that's the definition right. Air support. And here's Kelly the answer to the same. That's a really had those hardest question and let's thinking when I think of me in chefs the only. I think of a long lasting partnership. On friendship. You know he's my best friends and we wanna have a feeling together so we haven't aren't on the road. Trying to have kids or can't we and we want kids at some point. I mean we have agreed not work with our parents. There are family you guys are our family we have so many close friends literally ever on an hour when it would consider. Am link and we have a close circle but it's really really close. Family community that all ties and I think well now is the effort in the along and usually what I kind of turns into a bright now you know our enemy is our closest friends people that will support and encourage her marriage. On the and then whenever that turns into from just in Jaffna people of last you let ever we had a nephew Eric the my feeling lives in town so they're here and you know all the time. And chef is really good about saying like hey do you think your data wanna go with media you know whatever and like my dad and his at least ten minutes some oral allergy now on planning and outlining how if you're out. It really has been cool I mean Jeff is like friends with I'd I'd which is kind of weird. I mean I lunches together like with our friends of shafts and I am. It will be elected. It rears her. She is prevalent across at the end yet he has it rears are out so much that he knows that. It's just funny to me how much we answer it was also funny listening to hurt dodged the he would question. Yes it has now is like dancing around acute angle we're definitely and a have kids or tried for kids were definitely having more than one because only children aren't so messed up. And I say this for a place of love and expect. I last question for you definitely hear from Cali. If you have children together what are the lessons that you would like them to take from your marriage and your life together. Until I get this slamming B being repetitive but I. Always be supportive and encouraging. Always be kind. Always be intentional. And I believe in use the secret they'd put what you want out there. Ands. You don't have to be fearless because. Being scared is good sometimes. By. Wanna take your sentence from just a few days ago always be brave Biden be willing Ted. It kind of challenge in and be willing to. I'd go out there and see what happens and and see what's next but do it wisely and intentionally. And here's Kelly's answer to the same thing. I think it just would say loyalty. Kindness and again partnership and that's unit in the theme just parents are so loyal to each other and so kind and the witty tree each other's unbelievable all. And really rare and they've been together forever and my parents are. A knowingly and love and may travel the world together and name my dad for and sunflower in every week and Maine you know they would love each other a lot so every marriage has problems. But it's. Seeing. Those guys it's. The way that they've taught me and Jeff about loyalty and love and respect and friendship and hopefully we'll pass that back to where kids about loving someone and being so let's friend him being kind and that's something I know we won it on our kids. Have. Not only in their relationships than their friendships and leave people with kindness and you know always being a bigger person and you know sharing and being good partner and what that means always hoping to rounding a teammate and me and my parents I have never seen my parents give different answers towards your sister. Like they're a team so if you ask moms and be important she's going to die and their coming up with a mutual law. Humanitarian message so united front the united yeah I don't think that's so important and literally never seen my parents. Disagree over something you told us in front of us at least ensure that have violence but they always are united RM I think that's really important and that's something that. Hopefully we can you share with our kids to. If I were your fishy I would area. OK yeah I'm just did very well I'm just proud of myself for I'm not getting to that holt and veteran. How would barely I Sutherland query Downey a couple of I write. You we have gotten one other song requests it here. Carolina. And it's right here and the jet engines are giants enemy for once. And she I'll still are.